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New Launch 2018 – Harley Davidson (Softail Deluxe)

Are you looking for motorbikes with bigger engines, high speed, and exemplary looks? Then scroll down to get a glimpse of the newly launched motorbike by Harley Davidson. It will definitely make you want to look at it more than once.

New Launch 2018 – Harley Davidson (Softail Deluxe)

Harley Davidson, considered as one of the most popular and leading motorcycle manufacturers in America has launched its latest Softail Deluxe for the Indian motorbike community this year.

The deluxe model comes with the latest 107 Milwaukee-Eight V-twin engine and is priced around INR 17.99 lakhs.

New Launch 2018 – Harley Davidson (Softail Deluxe)

Now, what makes Softail Deluxe different from the other models of Harley Davidson? Well, its cool old-school glam styled look, along with the wire spoked wheels and round lamp head with auxiliary lights give it a stunning giant look.

Although somewhat it looks like the Heritage Softail Classic, the true treasure hidden inside the skin of this motorbike is the keyless ignition, as well as (SDBV) technology that gives better handling and a comfortable ride.

Highlights of the Launch

I know that you must be eager to know some of the highlights of the Softail Deluxe launch. So, here they are, have a look: 

New Launch 2018 – Harley Davidson (Softail Deluxe)

  • Harley Davidson claims that Softail Deluxe provides with high powered and torqued engine output due to its light weighted yet strong framework.
  • As per the company claim, the suspension has been improved when compared with all the previous models to enhance the road riding performance.
  • Though this motorbike reflects a rigid look, it carries less weight when compared to the previous models.
  • If you remember the custom chopper of 70’s, the same inspiration is held by this motorbike launched by Harley Davidson.

Technical Specifications

Now, for all, motorbike riders who want to know how much technically advanced the Softail Deluxe is, well it will give you the right boost while you ride it on the road.

New Launch 2018 – Harley Davidson (Softail Deluxe)

Engine Specs: 

  • 107 Milwaukee-Eight V-twin engine;
  • 100mm Bore;
  • 1mm of Stroke;
  • Electronic Sequential Port Injection Fuel system;
  • 0:1 of Compression Ratio;
  • 1,745 cc Displacement;
  • A catalyst in the muffler and shorty dual 2X2 exhaust.

Dimensions Specs: 

  • 2,405 mm Length;
  • 675 mm Unladen Seat Height;
  • Ground Clearance of 115 mm;
  • 30-degree Rake;
  • 145 mm Trail;
  • 1,635 mm Wheelbase;
  • MT90B16 72H Front Tire;
  • MU85B16 77H Rear Tire;
  • 1 Lt fuel Capacity;
  • 7 Lt Oil Capacity;
  • 303 kg (in shipping);
  • 318 kg (in running).

Drive Train: 

  • The ratio of 34/46, Chain Primary Drive;
  • 311 1st Gear Ratio;
  • 454 2nd Gear Ratio;
  • 793 3rd Gear Ratio;
  • 882 4th Gear Ratio;
  • 307 5th Gear Ratio;
  • 79 6th Gear Ratio.

Performance Specs:

  • 144 Nm of Engine Torque;
  • 3,000 Torque RPM;
  • 28 Degree Right Lean Angle;
  • 28 Degree Left Lean Angle.


  • It is laced with Chrome steel in the Front and the Rear Wheel;
  • The front brake is provided with Fixed 4-Piston and 2 Pistons Rear Brake (floating).

New Launch 2018 – Harley Davidson (Softail Deluxe)

You simply need to take this giant machine for a ride to understand the comfort-level the latest from Harley’s hub can give you. There is no doubt that Softail Deluxe will come out as a show stopper for 2018, and give you the right feeling while you ride over far and wide.

The price of INR 17.99 lakhs is slightly higher for the Indian bikers but considering the quality, it is worth every penny.  So, without delaying any more it is time to unleash the new lion of the street – Softail Deluxe.

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