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New Launch- Piaggio Vespa Notte 125

Welcome to the queen of scooters! If Royal Enfield is the king of motorbikes, then who do you think is the new Scooty queen?

What, confused? Well, it is none other than the brand new Piaggio Vespa Notte that is will be soon launched for the Indian motorbike community.

It looks simply stunning and vibrant in the below picture. I am sure you are eager to know more about it, right?

So, without a wait, let us ride into the world of Vespa…

New Launch- Piaggio Vespa Notte 125

About The Launch

Vespa has been a part of the Indian two-wheeler community for decades. Many of us still remember the old Vespa model which came as a competition to Bajaj.

So, what is so special about the new Piaggio Vespa Notte 125?

As we all know, Vespa is primarily known for its stylish appearance. It follows a historic and unique style that is the main attraction. The new Vespa Notte is a 125 cc engine based lineup wherein Notte in Italian denotes “Night” and that is why new Vespa Notte 125 follows a full black paint treatment throughout its model including mirrors, seat, and alloy wheels.

New Launch- Piaggio Vespa Notte 125

Unlike other Vespa models that are available at present, its color availability is what makes it an outstanding one. The exact launch date of Piaggio Vespa Notte 125 in India is not yet confirmed but advance booking has already started in various showrooms including New Delhi.

The most attractive factor of Notte 125 is that it is affordable for all as the price is cheaper when compared to other Vespa Scooty models.

The estimated price of the exquisite beauty is INR 70,285.

New Launch- Piaggio Vespa Notte 125

Technical Specifications

Piaggio Vespa Notte 125 uses a standard 125 cc engine technology similar to LX 125. It is equipped with high-end technology and modern two-wheeler components from top to bottom and front to end. It is designed to look stylish and at the same time, it makes every ride a comfortable one.

New Launch- Piaggio Vespa Notte 125

For good performance and acceleration, 4-stroke, single cylinder, and liquid-cooled methodology are imbibed in the engine. You can drive to a maximum power of 9KW-12.2 HP at a torque of 8,750 rpm. CVT (continuously variable transmission), also known as a single-speed transmission is implemented all over the model.

A large fuel tank capacity of up to 7 liters with the fuel consumption is approx 41.6 km/pl is another attractive feature.

The lightweight machine has a wheelbase of 1380 mm supporting a seat height of 790 mm. It has tube type tyre alloy wheels with 150 mm drum brake at front and 140 mm brake at the rear end.

New Launch- Piaggio Vespa Notte 125

What Makes Vespa Notte 125 Different?

Vespa has managed to keep the Notte 125 at a lower price as it has no chrome parts in it as the electroplating process is more expensive. Additionally, the disc brake system is not followed.

Still, Piaggio Vespa Notte follows an elegant style to maintain heritage as its strength. Overall, Notte 125 is a symbol of “Black Beauty”.

New Launch- Piaggio Vespa Notte 125

Piaggio Vespa Notte 125 is the queen of Scooty’s, isn’t it? It will definitely rock the Indian roads with its astonishing appearance.

So, just be patient for a couple of days and you will be able to drive home your own Vespa Notte soon!

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