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New launch- Tork T6X

Tork motorcycles have come up with their new model T6X this year with many hidden surprise features that are bound to give you a jump start.

New launch- Tork T6X

Tork T6X, it is going to be the first electric performance motorcycle that will be launched in India. It is expected to be launched by December this year. After 7 years of both exhaustive research and development, Tork T6X was founded, crafted and finished with the help of Isle of Man TT, TTXGP finishers.

As you can see below, from top to bottom and front to rear, T6X is completely a masterpiece innovation of the motorbike industry that will be a dream ride for many bike lovers.

New launch- Tork T6X

However, you may question that there are already many newly launched motorbikes in the industry, so how can T6X be different than the other bikes in terms of riding experience?

Well, first of all, Tork T6X is crafted and introduced from Tork Motorcycles that has a team of young graduates who are experts in developing motorbike solutions for best performance output.

Secondly, Tork T6X will be the most innovative motorbike you have never seen till date with an eco-friendly mobility.

and lastly, it is available for you at an affordable price tag of 1.25 lakh only.

New launch- Tork T6X

The interesting part about Tork T6X is that it is uploaded and hosted with lots of features to make the ride of a smart modern urban commuter racer comfortable. It can change from a maverick motorbike to an eco-cruiser in a single touch.


Behind the operation of Tork T6X, there is an important tool that makes T6X a smart and an intelligent motorbike for the present generation. Can you make a guess?

New launch- Tork T6X

Well, it is the implementation of TIROS (Tork Intuitive Response Operating System) that analyses and collects data on power management and power consumption during every ride.

The TIROS technology automatically upgrades itself to new features through the cloud software.

It also comprises various riding modes that help in transforming Tork to a racing or an ordinary riding motorbike.

New launch- Tork T6X

Tork T6X is a smart motorbike that consists of 4.3” TFT screen along with cloud connectivity as well as mobile apps.

Now, we all would agree that in the present day, security and protection plays a vital role, hence Tork T6X is imbibed with useful features like anti-theft alert, DRL’s and GPS.

When it comes to performance, T6X takes the lead with its 72Ah Lithium-ion battery that can be fully charged in an hour. You would be glad to know that a top speed of 100 Km/ph on T6X can be attained with just 80% of charge.

A brushless 6KW electric motor does the work of an engine and drives a torque of 27 Nm.

You can also charge your smartphone on the go and use the additional utility storage to accommodate your helmet.

New launch- Tork T6X

On the design front, the T6X from Tork is equally beautiful. The sparkly flow of aerodynamics and the white and black shades all over Tork T6X gives it a sporty look.

Tork T6X is a lightweight motorbike of 130 kg with custom Trellis chassis and facilitating suspension by the telescopic fork at the front end and spring-loaded hydraulic suspension at the rear end.

The disc type brake system is used in the front and the rear wheels with 267 mm and 220 mm that is of the tubeless alloy.

Other additional technical components and attachments include automatic gearbox, digital speedometer, 2 trip meters, LED tail lamp, low battery indicator, geo-fencing, and electric start button.

Overall, Tork T6X is a fine art of motorbike technology that present generation motorists and racers would love to hop on.

New launch- Tork T6X

In other words, Tork T6X brings to you a powerful eco-friendly two-wheeler for your road trips with no compromise on style and comfort.

We do hope that the Indian motorbike community finds the new offering from Tork motorcycles both stunning and pocket-friendly in the long run as we look forward to seeing this stunning “cheetah” on the Indian roads.

You can visit the nearest Tork showroom to know more about T6X and pre-book the beauty to own your own this season.

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