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New Motorcycle Rider – Safety Tips

Isn’t it a great feeling to step on your motorbike for your first ride? The same feeling when you rode your bicycle for the very first time.

Whatever the scenario is, a new motorbike rider, needs to follow some precautions to have a precise riding experience.

I know you might say, ah! ‘I know it all’ or ‘it’s OK, I’ll learn on the road,’ However, believe me, it is always a good idea to understand all the necessary safety measures, as the initial guidance is critical to paving the way to successful riding.

So, here are some tips that you should take care of as a responsible member of the motorbike community.

Enhance your skill well in advance

No one is a born rider. Everyone, you or me, need to develop that skill with practice. Hence, it is impertinent for you to learn the techniques of becoming a safe rider.

You can take the help of your friend, family member, or you can join a good motorcycle riding institute that will teach you the basics of motorbike riding.

Now, it depends upon person to person how much time it shall take to gain the skill, but if you want to be the leader on the road, then take the training period seriously.

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Choose a bike that you can carry easily

It is one of the most crucial tips. Purchasing or investing on a motorbike because your friend has it or it is good looking, may not be a good idea.

Thus, while selecting a bike, go for the one suits you well, in terms of:

  • Its seating arrangement must be as per your height. Your feet should reach the ground comfortably, its handle/brake combination, etc.
  • If you are a novice, then opt for the 250 to 300 ccs range of motorcycles.
  • For long rides on the highway, you can buy the 500 to 700 ccs motorbikes.

Further, you can also take the guidance of some motorbike expert.

Always equip with correct safety wears

Safety is of prime importance in motorbike riding so always wear excellent quality motorbike accessories such as helmet, jackets, gloves, boots, etc. You can select from a range of products available online or other merchandise stores in your city.

Beware of the weather condition

Make sure that you have an active GPS and information system to have enough details about the road and the area you are going to ride through. Try to avoid locations with adverse weather condition like a dust storm, hefty rainfall, snowfall, etc., as this might result in an unprecedented dangerous situation.

Always carry necessary tools

Be the technician of your motorbike. Yes, you heard it right; it will help you in the long run, while you are on a long journey.

Maintain a reasonable distance with other vehicles

Though many riders do not take this advice seriously, if you maintain a fair distance from other vehicles, it will reduce the chances of road accidents to a great extent. Also, follow the riding rules which you have learned from driving schools or your instructor at home.

Stay alert to other vehicles movement when on the road and be watchful.

Besides, always be ready to help the fellow bikers or riders when in need.

Thus, we hope that you will follow the tips above to make yours and others on-road experience better.

Lastly, we would like to reiterate the importance of being a responsible rider and never shy away from learning something new from the experts. Take their feedback positively and work on your skills to better yourself each day.

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