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New to Motorbikes? Learn all you need about Motorbike Riding

Taking a detour to back when you were learning how to cycle a tricycle, got a bruise on the left knee, right elbow, or maybe on your forehead.

The experience was exciting despite getting bruised here and there, right? Do you remember how lit your face was when you got a bicycle! You graduated to the major league, and it felt terrific doing away with a tricycle, huh!

Well, like your cycling experience, getting to be a part of the motorbike community, after rigorous training and knowing the dos and don’ts about motorbike riding, is with no doubt an enthralling encounter. You need to be patient and keen on instructions to make a good motorcyclist.

In this article, you will get an insight into what motorbike riding is and what you require to have at your fingertips before mounting on any two-wheeler. Read on to get some schooling on motorbikes, accessories, and safety measures. Bonus tip, no tuition fee is required from you in this school. All you need are ayes for reading and your fingers for scrolling!

Is Motorbike Riding Dangerous?

I would be pulling your leg if I said that riding motorbikes is immune to danger. The actual question to ask yourself is, “Is riding a bike worth the risk?” The answer to this question is a direct YES if you ask anyone in the motorbike community. The thrill of taking a bike out for a spin on the open roads is worth dying for (no pan intended). While on it, you get to feel to the bike’s grip on the road, and riding on a highway comes with a coveted sense of freedom. Who wouldn’t want to experience such freedom?

Additionally, meeting fellow riders in the motorbike community awakens the sense of belonging and unity, and every meeting is a happy time. Plus, motorbikes pose little danger to the environment as they produce way lesser levels of pollution to it.

What makes riding a motorbike dangerous is the lack of doors and a roof. These structures serve as protective gear to drivers of four-wheelers. Also, most drivers tend to be oblivious to the presence of motorcyclists on the road and often run into them. Here sufficient training comes in play, and having on the vital riding accessories such as brightly colored riding jackets, helmets, gloves, knee pads, and boots is very crucial. The bike also needs to be adequately checked before riding to see brakes and lights are functional.

Well, nothing you do is ever 100% danger proof. Even walking if carelessly done, one can easily trip and fall and get nasty injuries. Therefore, riding a motorcycle is only as safe as the person riding it. In other words, your safety begins with you.

Advantages of Motorbike Riding

  1. Affordability

The number of people owning motorbikes is more than those owning cars, especially in the suburbs. Why? Because they are easy on the pocket. You are more likely to get a second-hand worthy bike at a pocket-friendly cost, which is hardly the case with second-hand cars (which dig a bigger hole in your pocket for repair expenses).

A motorcycle is a convenient form of transport for daily commuters who are looking to save a coin or two.

  1. Fuel efficient

Motorbikes are mighty savers on fuel consumption. Any individual in the motorbike community will confidently attest to this. Motorcycles, compared to cars, cover up to twice the distance per gallon of fuel. Talk of double saving! To be precise, if you own a street bike, be assured to travel up to 60 miles on just a single gallon of fuel!

  1. Durability

Don’t believe the myth that motorbikes have a short life span. On the contrary, these two-wheelers age as slowly as cars, if not slower, because of their composition, affordability, and easy access to their spare parts and accessories. Also, reviving older motorcycles and getting them back on the road is pretty simple even if they have been dormant for quite a long time, unlike older four-wheelers.

  1. Easy maintenance

One, motorbikes don’t require as many garage visits as cars do. Second, they don’t cost a lot to have them checked and maintained. They are so easy to fix that you can do it yourself, thanks to their elemental mechanical composition. With some help from a DIY YouTube tutorial and a crash program on mechanical engineering, you could open your motorcycle repair workshop!

  1. Customizable

You can easily customize most motorbike accessories like the fuel tank color, the seat, handlebars, helmet, lamps, etc., at an amateur level. That’s very right! All you need is a clear mental picture of how you want your bike to look, some bucks to get the items for pimping it, and some research and how-to-pimp-my-ride tutorials. Of course, you will need some overalls, protective glasses, and gloves, which you can conveniently borrow from your home toolbox.

  1. Quick braking

It is purely Physics. A motorbike brakes faster than an average vehicle. How? You ask. Well, it a simple momentum principle. You see, the rider plus the bike weighs at most 700 pounds, a car, and its driver weighs about six times this. Hence, even logically, the amount of force required to halt 700 pounds is way less since there is minimum friction experienced between the road and the bike’s tires. Achieving proper braking, however, requires skill and experience of the rider.

  1. Easy parking

With motorbikes, you don’t have to master the parallel type of parking when parking vehicles, which are a pretty hard skill to grasp among most drivers. Besides that, bikes are small in size and easy to fit into parking spaces that would otherwise be useless for a car. However, do not be misled into thinking you can park anyhow. You must exercise the appropriate parking etiquette.

  1. Fast

Thanks to their small size compared to cars, motorbikes enjoy some law privileges with measured precaution, however. In heavy traffic, you on your motorcycle can easily sway your away to the first row at traffic lights beating all the four-wheeler.

  1. Promotes physical and mental health fitness

All motorbikes have a standard quality seat and handlebar settings to have the rider in the appropriate riding posture. And the helmet is responsible for keeping the neck muscles secure and enhanced, which goes a long way in keeping your vertebrae correctly aligned. Plus, unlike in cars riding a bike engages some muscle work, which results in calorie breakdown; thus, it keeps you fit.

When it comes to mental health, motorbike riding is an adrenaline-induced activity, and in turn, your body releases endorphins and enkephalins, making you feel good. Your concentration ability increases since you need to be alert and focused while riding. Plus, being out in the open while riding your bike helps relieve stress and uneasiness, terrible moods and makes you happy.

  1. Straightforward and Quick Licensing with manageable insurance

Unlike the agony car drivers go through in getting a car license, motorbike owners have it pretty smooth and straightforward. Given you have successfully taken a written test and aced the eye exam, you get the permit to freely ride your motorbike in your area for a good six months.

When it comes to insurance, it costs merely INR 1500-2000 approx. This amount is incomparable to the thousands required to insure a relatively older car model.

Disadvantages of Motorbike Riding

  1. Quite Dangerous

It is because of the absence of doors and a roof that acts as a cushion that protects drivers from severe harm in car accidents. Most motorbike accidents that result in death are from head injuries. It is very likely for a motorcyclist to break a leg or arm in a crash. Four-wheeler accidents are equally fatal, especially when two vehicles collide. Hence road safety is paramount to all motorists.

  1. Easy Target for Thieves

It is quick to mount on a bike and ride away, unlike breaking into a car and driving away. Motorcyclists are also prone to mugging from compared to drivers, especially in dangerous streets. Thus, steer away from riding in such areas and take defense classes like taekwondo, just in case.

  1. Less spacious

Motorbikes have limited accommodation and at most have room for just one pillion. The luggage area is also pretty scarce, and I wouldn’t advise you to go grocery shopping with your bike.

  1. Harsh weather conditions

As much as lousy weather affects transportation generally, motorbikes are adversely affected by it. The vision, a crucial part of riding, is profoundly affected and can easily lead to accidents if the rider doesn’t get a clear view of the road.

  1. Categorized in the four-wheeler motor-mobiles rules and laws

Being a two-wheeler, you’d think motorbikes are treated as bicycles when it comes to road rules and regulations. However, you need to abide by the set road laws and regulations that apply to all vehicles.

Motorbike experiences are personal and unique. Therefore, do not feel pressured in any way to fit in. It takes time to be a pro rider, and the motorbike community is there to hold your hand through your journey. As a first-time rider, ensure you get the appropriate and sufficient training beforehand. Abide by the motorist laws in your state and keep in mind, being safe and careful comes first when riding a two-wheeler.

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