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Our New Partner Wins….

Hello readers! You will be excited to know that your favorite motorbike magazine, Motorbikes India, has partnered with one of the best loan service enabler in India today, called Whatsloan.

And guess what? Our new partner has just won the prestigious “Super StartUps Asia” award in New Delhi on the 30th of May ’18. So, it is double celebration for us!

Our New Partner Wins...

Dream big and get what you desire with Motorbikes India and Whatsloan.

Yes, you heard it right. All you motorbike admirers, who are planning to buy their dream motorbike or two-wheeler can take advantage of this prime loan service being provided with our partnership with Whatsloan.

How does the loan process work? Why should you opt for a two-wheeler loan through MI & Whatsloan?

We will answer all these questions for you. Let’s quickly take a look at the process.

Our New Partner Wins...

Motto of Whatsloan

“For every borrower, there is a lender” – with this motto, Whatsloan helps every borrower connect to the right lender and by using high-end technology calculates the best loan term possible for them. The best part is that all of this is done in a few simple steps.

The usual loan service that a borrower needs can be summed up in three points:

  • Credible information on multiple loan choices;
  • Smart online tools to compare;
  • Quick delivery of loan from the lender of choice.

So, if you really wish to buy your dream two-wheeler, the answer lies with the MI & Whatsloan loan services.

Some of the features of Whatsloan

  • Provides loans for bikes and two-wheelers;
  • Helps you with a free credit score check and also gives you a digital loan key;
  • Provides an opportunity to finance loans from leading banks/financial institutions;
  • The complete process is in digital mode, paperless;
  • Empowers the consumers;
  • Enables loan distributers;
  • Engages loan lead sources (such as connecting to the lenders, taking care of consumer loan needs).

Benefits of choosing MI & Whatsloan

We are experts in our area of service and act as a connecting point between motorbike enthusiasts, consumers, loan distributors, loan products and lenders with the help of advanced technology powered by Whatsloan.

  • Consumers need not go here and there to find the best solution for their loan requirements. MI & Whatsloan can take care of their needs in the quickest possible time.
  • With a team of highly motivated people from banking and technical backgrounds who are engaged personally, consumers are bound to always get the right choice with MI & Whatsloan.
  • We also have a specialised advisory panel providing precious inputs on various occasions. This acts as a double benefit for consumers as we are constantly trying to get the best for them.
  • Whatsloan is very well adept at managing new as well as existing loans, support consumers with low-cost alternatives.
  • You can go online and explore various loan choices and compare them to choose the best with the help of Whatsloan.

What’s in it for you?

  • Whatsloan, with Motorbikes India as their partner will primarily deal with motorbike and two-wheeler loans.
  • They will provide you with a digital loan key that will act as your financial identity and assist you to get an instant loan by validating your KYC norms, financial, bureau and bank data.
  • You will get fast track loan delivery at your location and also to the dealer of your choice.

Our New Partner Wins...

So, are you planning to buy your new bike but worried about two-wheeler finance?

Then visit right away and make your dream come true!

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