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Precautions for Motorbike Riders in Summers

Isn’t summer the best time of the year? Of course, it is. And with a motorbike, it gets even better! However, what precautions can you take as you have fun? Well, let’s dive into that.

Summertime is a season filled with a host of activities. You have limited weather hindrances to your fun and business. Some of these activities include:

  1. Outdoor Riding

For the two-wheeler community, there is no other better season in the year than summertime. You can ride your heart out on your motorbike without ever having to worry about the rain or for the off-roaders, mud. Racing is also frequent during these times.

  1. Business

Summer is also good for business. If you use motorbikes as a means of income, summertime is the moment to make a kill. You can get your customers to and from various destinations in the shortest time possible.


With all the above activities, you realize how moving around in daylight is bound to get you exhausted. During the day, temperatures rise so much.

So, how does the heat affect you?

  1. Dehydration

In the summer season, it’s not only the sun that is in play, but it also gets quite windy too. With these two weather elements, the effects can be devastating. The sun heats the water out of your body, and the wind continually blows it away. The result? Fast dehydration.

  1. Sunburns

As the number one side effect of excessive exposure to the sun, it comes from being hit by UV rays for periods longer than four hours. Some of the symptoms you may experience include redness and tenderness of the skin, random swellings, and even blisters.

  1. Heat exhaustion

Excessive loss of water and salt from your body will generally leave you exhausted. Intense activities under the sun contribute significantly to it.

  1. Heat stroke

When heat exhaustion goes to the extreme, you are bound to experience a heat stroke. It can be life-threatening. Its symptoms include profuse sweating, confusion , and in severe cases seizures.

Other effects include a heat rush, forming of wrinkles and after long periods of exposure, cancer of the skin.

Because of such adverse effects, during the day, it’s advisable to keep away under shades as a precautionary measure. More measures include:

  1. Stay covered

One way to shield your skin from the sun’s rays is to have material over it. If you are the kind of rider that goes out in the early mornings, wear different layers of clothing. You will be able to shed off a layer as it gets warmer. You can also invest in a motorbike accessory such as a Summer jacket.

  1. Keep hydrated

You can overlook hydration easily as a result of the hustle and bustle of the day. It is therefore advisable to carry water and maintain the discipline of frequently taking it. Make sure it’s enough so that you don’t run out. Don’t wait till you get thirsty to have a drink.

  1. Take breaks

For every activity, it is wise to rest after certain intervals of time. In summer conditions, you should take such breaks more frequently and under a proper shade. They allow your body to cool off.

  1. Use a helmet

With a helmet, you will keep your head protected from the overhead sun. Also, make sure it has a clear vision. Mirages can be obstructive in the heat when riding on your motorbike.

  1. Inspect your tires

Frequent tire inspection ensures you have the best grip of the road. With less tread on your bike’s tires, they are exposed to frequent punctures as a result of the hot tarmac. These can slow you down on the road and leave you exposed for longer periods in the sun.

  1. Avoid cold water

Whether it is splashing icy water on your bike or throwing ice cubes under your jacket, it is ill-advised. Why so? Any surface exposed to rapid extreme temperatures will break. Yes. Your skin might not tear apart. However, warm blood gets thrown back at your core immediately. That can upset the balance of your body temperature. For your bike, it can damage the metal part.

In spite of the fun, you can have in a summer season beware of the effects as discussed above. With them are precautions you can take so as not to spoil the fun.

Although you can control the intensity, everybody gets affected by the heat. Therefore, don’t wait till matters get out of hand. Share this article with your two-wheeler community and enjoy the summertime.

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