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Review : Honda CB300R

It doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in, you can always see a Honda motorbike around the corner. Whether it be the streets of Mumbai or Los Angeles, Honda motorcycles are recognized everywhere, isn’t it?

Come 2019, Honda is making a brand new addition to their line of motorbikes with CB300R, a bike that looks to build on the promise the CB100R delivered. We had the privilege of testing the brand new Honda bike in action.

So, can the CB300R match the lofty expectations of its predecessor?

Well, to be precise, we found that the Honda CB300R is best suited to newcomers leading an urban lifestyle. If you are new to the motorbike community and are still developing your riding skills, then the CB300R is perfect for you.

Keep reading, as we give a detailed review of the latest offering from Honda.

Review : Honda CB300R


Weighing only 143kg, the Honda CB300R is light compared to other bikes in the market. Honda’s engineers made several modifications that reduced the need for extra parts.

For example, Honda’s engineers bolted the disc brake onto the cast lugs in the wheels. Thus, eliminating the need for an intermediate carrier plate and reducing weight.

We discovered that the fuel tank was not made of metal but with plastic. A plastic tank delivers a lighter frame and makes it easy to fix any damage.

While we were pleased with the light feel of the bike, we were also impressed with its style. The Honda CB300R comes with several changes over its predecessor (CBF 300F).

  • These changes include a better trellis-style frame, a new suspension, and a new swing arm.
  • There is also a cosmetic treatment which Honda calls Neo-Sports Café.

Overall, we feel that the Honda CB300R has a stylish compact frame perfect for riding through urban centers.

Review : Honda CB300R

Lights and Seating:

Over the years, many motorcycle manufacturers have tried different shaped lights to get mixed results. Honda was one of those manufacturers, but the CB300R marks a return to the classic style.

  • The brand new motorbike comes with dual-section LED headlights couples with additional lighting on either side.
  • Some members of the motorbike community will be happy to see some classic motifs in what is otherwise a contemporary design.
  • As far as seating goes, its design requires riders to take an upright seating position. We found the seats to be comfortable but there was limited storage capacity.
  • Although there is a storage compartment beneath the seat it is only enough room for paperwork and a USB.

Review : Honda CB300R

Riding Experience:

This is the meat of the review and the main reason why you are here: How did the Honda CBR300R feel?

Well, in short, the new motorbike feels great.

  • The new 296mm brakes generate enough power to stop the motorbike on the slightest press of the lever.
  • Besides, the brakes, we found the motorbike easy to navigate.
  • The CB300R responded well when turning tight corners.
  • The lightweight body makes it easy to control, especially those who are new riders.
  • The wide Dunlop tires are an important motorbike accessory for gripping the surface. The wide tires inspire a lot of confidence in riders because it encourages tight turning.

There are several improvements that put the Honda CBR300R above other bikes in its class.

An example is the 41mm inverted fork which is firm compared to other lightweight motorbikes.

Overall, the Honda CBR300R is a responsive bike, great for turning tight corners and riding through traffic. However, the bike is not the fastest in the market as the bike clocks around 80 to 112 mph.

Review : Honda CB300R


The CBR300R will be launched in India in two packages.

  • The standard edition will cost around 3.02 lakh.
  • While the ABS edition will cost approximately 3.21 lakh.

ABS, as you must be aware prevents brakes from locking up. ABS also balances front-to-rear braking distribution.

Review : Honda CB300R

User Reviews:

Well, we scoured the Internet for you to find some user reviews on the Honda CBR300R.

  • Hakan T from Melbourne praised the product for being super reliable and would definitely recommend as a first motorbike.
  • Lindsay5710 from Adelaide stated that the bike is an “Awesome beginner bike”.
  • DamoonTwo from Hervey Bay give a detailed review praising the virtues of the Honda CBR300R and stated it was a ‘Great starter bike’.

Review : Honda CB300R

We feel positive about the Honda CBR300R’s chances in the Indian two-wheeler market. Needless to say, we all know that there is plenty of competition like the KTM Duke and Vitpilen from Husqvarna.

However, CBR300R’s lower price bracket combined with Honda’s brand recognition and the incredible reviews from users gives the Honda CBR300R an edge.

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