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Review: Honda CBR 650 R

Hello Bikers! Are you looking for an excellent middleweight motorbike this year?

Well, then wait no more! Here is one of the largest motorbike groups, Honda, with its latest CBR 650 R series.

I assure you all in the motorbike community that you will stop by to admire the new beauty on the block, the moment you see it. Its stylish look, easy to carry body, excellent grip, and lots and lots of features are bound to turn heads.

So, if power and performance is your style, and you want to run long distances with no hiccups, then, swipe through the details covered herein.

Few more words about the latest Honda launch

Honda, a name that needs no introduction, has provided an aggressive, exhaustive, and stout-looking piece of motorbike. It is made with the outstanding efforts, of highly-qualified engineers from Honda’s core team. I am sure that after looking over this tabular framed new steel design you won’t be able to stop yourself from getting a test-ride.


Features make a motorbike stand apart from others in the market. So, let’s talk about the unique features of the new CBR 650 R in detail:

  • Its powerful muffler gives a thrilling growl and along with its four exhaustive downpipes that have swept around the front end of the engine.
  • For passionate motorbike riders, it has enhanced its LED headlights with crisp beams of lights and sleek tail lights that give a trimmed view.
  • In addition to that its readable and easy to use LCD instruments are digital and quite remarkable to handle.
  • It has the gear positioning with shift-up indicators under the display.
  • Its six-speed gearbox with slipper clutch gives you quick downshifting, hard braking, and effortless controlling. Thus, you can say, you have the right gear to boost your speed on all kind of road and journeys.
  • Its DOHC sixteen valved engine will give you 1200 rpm of redline.
  • Also, to maintain traction under the rear wheel, it features HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control) system.

Technical Specification

Now, let’s have a glimpse at the new CBR’s technical details to know more about this giant.

Engine: It has a compression ratio of 11.6:1 provided with four stroked liquid cooled SI engine and four cylinders. With a displacement of 648.72 cc, it gives the 8000 rpm torque and 11500 rpm or max power capacity. The fuel system is injection type and 67 mm X 46 mm of Bore and Stroke combination.

Dimensions and Transmission: It has the fuel tank with 15.4 liters of capacity. The body dimension covers LWH as 2135 mm X 749 mm X 1149 mm along with 132 mm ground clearance and 1449 mm Wheelbase. The kerb weight and seat height are of 210 kg and 810 mm value. Besides that, it has six gears with multi-plate wet clutch.

Tires/Brakes: CBR 650 R has 120/70 ZR17 in the front and 180/55 ZR17 rear tire size. For brakes, it has two channeled ABS technology along with 310 mm front double disc brakes and 240 mm rear brakes.

Suspension and Electrical: The frame is of Diamond type, 41 mm front SD fork suspension, and pro-link rear suspension. Electrically it has LED headlamps with 12 V/ 8.6 Ah of Battery Ratings.

Color Combination

It comes in two color formats, the elegant Matte Gunpowder form with Black Metallic and the jaw-dropping Red Grand Prix style.


CBR 650 R will cost you 7.7 lacs Pan India (Ex-Showroom price).

In short, what you want at the end is a robust piece of an engine with functional space, and nice gripping so that you can have an enjoyable road experience.

Thus, go for the Honda CBR 650 R, and get ready to become a part of one of the largest motorbike communities as you take a ride on this motorbike hulk.

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