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Ride of Hope by Restless Riders India

Ever heard about Ride of Hope? No? Well, it is a cancer awareness campaign organized by a group of riders who hail from Pune, called the Restless Riders India. The campaign is designed to give people hope that cancer can eventually be defeated.

Ride of Hope by Restless Riders India

It is one of the biggest events organized by the group which helps bring people from all-round the corner at one place and aims to reach every person with a message of harmony and unity.

Ride of Hope by Restless Riders India

About the Group

The Restless Riders India is one of the most active motorbike rider group based in Pune. Their prime motto is to ride with like-minded motorbikers for whom riding acts like a way of life and not just as a part of life. They ride with a mission of safety and to explore new tracks on the road.


Ride of Hope by Restless Riders India

Ride of Hope was initiated by Harteij Bhartes in 2015. Harteij commenced on a ride alone on May 1st, 2016 and covered over 20,000km in 5 months. In his long trip, he traveled through 22 cities and 15 states. His philanthropic initiative has helped restore back hope to the hopeless by letting them know that cancer can indeed be subdued.

The group has covered some of the remotest corners of the country including a trip to Tamhini Ghat just last year.


Ride of Hope by Restless Riders India

This year, the Restless Riders India presents a ride to the Bhivpuri Waterfall near Karjat, Maharashtra. This small town is famous for the magnificent waterfalls and landscapes. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to hang out with the man himself – Harteij Bhartesh.

Well, I am sure that it’s not something you would want to miss, right?

So, go to your garage or store and get the necessary kit ready to be a part of this movement.

Date and Location

The event will officially kick-start on Saturday 21st July 2018. The meeting/starting point for the ride is divided as follows:

First Arrangement: Chandani Chowk

Arrival: 6:30 am

Departure: 7:00 am

Second arrangement: Dehu Road exit NH4

Arrival: 7:30 am

Departure: 7:45 am

Exit Point: Chandani Chowk


  • Breakfast will be served at NH4, after which bikers will rest for 20mins before proceeding to Bhivpuri.
  • On reaching Bhivpuri, there will be breather time of 15min to enjoy the sight before heading for the waterfall.
  • The better part of the journey is the mesmerizing serene landscapes and the magnificent waterfall. It a sight to die for!
  • Post an awesome in-house lunch the bikers can get ready to head back to Pune.


  • There will be a charge of Rs. 500 for food. In case of a pillion, it would be Rs. 800 which would include both breakfast and lunch.

Ride of Hope by Restless Riders India

Rules and Regulations

  • Gears and Accessories: All riders participating should ensure to come along with their accessories including helmet, boots, gloves, and jacket.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • All riders must adhere to a specific speed limit and must abide by it.
  • No rider must by any way speedpass another rider or separate into two or more groups while riding together (maintain a respectable distance in between).
  • In case of any unusual occurrence or something dangerous, please inform the team leader immediately.
  • Be respectful to fellow riders, don’t deliberately offend anyone or be rude to them during the ride.
  • All riders must have a valid driving license.


The event registration is free of cost. In order to register yourself, simply click on the link below:

So, come and enjoy the Ride of Hope event with your friends and share the passion, energy, and hope with your loved ones. It is a great opportunity for the motorbike riders in and around Pune to come together for a common cause.

Well, hurry up as the countdown has already started and I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss it for anything!

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