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Royal Enfield Himalayan Review by Daniel Sedlak

Hello motorbike lovers! Are you ready for a hands-on review of the Royal Enfield Himalayan by Daniel Sedlak?

For those who do not know Daniel, here is a little bit about him:

California based Daniel is heading the Motorbikes India Safety Programme and is recognized as a leading Motocross racer in far flung places such as Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Uganda and Zimbabwe! Daniel is also a keen teacher of his Motocross skills to others.

To know more about him visit:

Royal Enfield Himalayan Review- by Daniel Sedlak

Daniel rode the RE Himalayan on various terrains and tested its capabilities whilst capturing his ride on a series of videos which we will be sharing with you right after this review.

Daniel enjoyed riding the motorbike and describes it as:

– A cool, nice looking bike;

– Lightweight;

– Has the capability to move easily on rocks, logs, ups and downs;

– Easy to navigate any terrain which is its biggest strength.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Review- by Daniel Sedlak

Daniel tested the bike on both off-road and on-road conditions. Let us check out the differences.

During the 1st week of testing, he went for a lot of steep riding to explore more about the bike’s capabilities in comfortable riding position.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Review- by Daniel Sedlak

Thoughts on 2 days of off-road testing

It was quite easy to ride. As per Daniel, the power of the engine is not ridiculously strong, but it’s really smooth. Himalayan is not an overly heavy bike as its an adventure tourer / sports bike.

Therefore, those of you who are looking for an adventure ride, touring, sports ride or an evening ride with a lighter motorbike will have great fun with the Himalayan. It will definitely be a good choice for you in that case.

So, a big thumbs up from Daniel for the Himalayan as far as off-road biking is concerned.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Review- by Daniel Sedlak

Now, it’s time to go on a street ride, munching up a couple of miles around San Diego

It is a good bike to hop-off the streets, trails, and country roads. It was super easy to scan off the roads with the Himalayan.

On the street, the Himalayan can do more with the front brake. It is really easy to stop and control the bike, but a little bit more bite in the front would be nice to have, however, braking is not a big negative on the Himalayan at all.

The 411cc air-cooled engine is really helpful in bringing torque to the bike and it makes it easy to get up to the top speed of 80 mph or about 128 kmph. This makes it a pretty fast motorbike when you go off the traffic.

All in all, a good bike for on-road riding as well.

Why choose the Himalayan?

There are many reasons to choose the RE Himalayan.

  • First and foremost, Royal Enfield has been a long trusted brand for the Indian motorbike community.
  • The Himalayan from RE is a charming yet tough motorbike which can make rides on any terrain a cake walk for you.
  • If you are looking to explore the roads with a powerful, easy-on-the-pocket motorbike with good mileage, Himalayan is the best choice to go with.
  • It’s a great tourer bike with an attractive price point of just 1.79 Lakh (Ex-showroom price, New Delhi)
  • Going 38 km for a litre, the RE Himalayan can be your best bet to commute to work, school or to a long trip to a no man’s land as well, and that’s pretty amazing!

Watch this full-length video from Daniel Sedlak where he himself talks about his experience riding the Himalayan from RE.

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