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Royal Enfield – How it all Started

Royal Enfield (RE), since its inception in the year 1893, has retained its glamour and spectacular performance. The iconic brand has touched each and every corner of the world with it prudent form of bike designs which provides both comfort and a powerful base.

As you all know, Royal Enfield is the maker of Bullet, which has been in perpetual production from the very beginning. It’s sturdiness and stability on road has made it one of the most durable motorbikes that the Indian motorbike riders enjoy till date.

Therefore, today in this article, we will talk about the most adorable motorbike brand in India – Royal Enfield. It will be an honor for us to represent the glorious history of Royal Enfield and re-enlighten its impressive heritage in front of you.

So, shall we start?


The history of your favorite Royal Enfield dates back to the 1890s when R.W.Smith and Albert Eadie formed the Edie Manufacturing Company which later was converted to the Enfield Cycle Company at Redditch.

In the year 1891, Smith and Eadie took over the “Townsend Cycle Company” to form the Enfield Manufacturing Company. This company used to deal in supplying parts of rifles to “Royal Small the Arms Factory”, located at Enfield, Middlesex.

Then came the year 1893 when the term “Royal” was picked up and, Royal Enfield was formed with the stamp- “Made like a Gun”.

That’s a cool tagline, isn’t it?

Do you know when was the first RE motorbike formed?

Well, it was in the year 1901, the fore wheel of the bike mounted the engine and the rear wheel was driven through a belt. Then in the year, 1904 frame-based engines were introduced as a standard configuration to the bikes.

In 1909 for the first time, Royal Enfield entered the UK Motor show with its 2 1/4th HP V- twin powered engine motorbike.

During the period of the 1st World War, in 1914s, both, 225cc and 425cc engines of Enfield came quite handy for the British Army and Imperial Government of Russia.

As a bigger model motorbike by Royal Enfield, in 1921 “Vickers” manufactured the V-Twin Wolseley 976cc engine and in 1924, 4 stroke 350cc engine motorcycles were introduced to the motorbike community.

Did you know that RE also launched its ladies model with 225cc engine way back in 1926?

Not only this, just two years later in 1928, it also introduced a saddle tank and center-spring girder with front forks design.

As time passed, it also came forth with a hands-free geared motorbike in 1929 and in 1930 it launched a new lubrication system with a 500cc Model J.

Thereafter, in 1932, RE made some remarkable upgrades with its “Bullet 350” bikes and inclined engine with 4 valve single cylinder and exposed valve gear.

1934, brought an enclosed 3-valve gear 488cc single cylindrical engine and by 1935 it decided to change its engines to 3-valves and internal oil tank that can be placed in the front of the crankshaft.

It was in 1935 when its 4-valve 500cc racing model entered the senior TT championship for the last time.

RE also introduced the Father of Post War “Bullet” with single port OHV 2 valved Model G in 1938 and 1939 was the year when it started the production of 350cc WD/C single cylinder motorcycles for the Royal Army.

The 1940s, World War 2 witnessed the ultralight featured “Flying Flea” or “Airborne” which could be para-dropped. It was greatly used by the army in the battlefield.


The conglomerate of Madras Motors with Royal Enfield in the year 1955, spearheaded the success of Royal Enfield in the Indian market. Going by the honorific, Enfield of India, they assembled motorbikes and created a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorbike.

It is an interesting fact that till 1957, RE used to obtained motorbike components directly from England. However, by 1962, things changed and with the help of better technology and machinery, it started producing all the components in India.

Royal Enfield, India is currently located in Chennai with a steadily growing motorbike community all around the globe.

The Royal Enfield Bullet was chosen as the most suitable motorbike for the police, soldiers, and border patrol officers by the Indian Govt. and till date, it regularly orders thousands of units of the 350cc model.

Recently, in the year 2015, RE announced its takeover of the UK motorcycle designing firm named “Harris Performance Products”.

2017 was also a year of immense changes as it upgraded its 350cc and 500cc motorbikes in terms of color variants, design, and twin based cylinder.

Here are some of famous Royal Enfield models in the India market:

  1. Royal Enfield Bullet 350

  1. Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350

  1. Royal Enfield Classic 350

  1. Royal Enfield Himalayan

  1. Royal Enfield Bullet 500

Royal Enfield can be called as the king of the road when it comes to the Indian motorbike community. It is the best bet for all motorbike riders for both on-road and off-road riding. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that RE still stands as the most loved and preferred brand across India.

What do you think?

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