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Safety Riding Tips for Two-Wheeler Riders

Do you also feel difficulty in riding your motorbike at low speed through traffic?

Well, it becomes challenging for two-wheeler drivers to manage heavy traffic while watching out other drivers and trying to figure out how to get out of the situation quickly and drive at his regular speed.

A robust situational awareness, good eye-coordination, and an extraordinary sense of balance are the first three things a driver needs to follow as quick accidental saving tips on a two-wheeler.

So, let’s quickly check out these safety rules to avoid any accidents.

Wear a helmet: Protection is the first thing you should think about before riding a vehicle. Investing in a proper headgear can save you from any injuries or mishaps. It helps in reducing the impact of head injuries during an accident. Ensure that your helmet fits comfortably and straps securely. Wearing a helmet not only protects your eyes but also helps the rider better control of the vehicle.

Maintain a distance from other vehicles: It is a bad habit to stand right behind or ahead of any vehicle. It makes the other driver imbalance and hence chances of falling. It is necessary to keep a distance on the streets or the highways while over-taking your bike. Holding a range during traffic or even on normal conditions avoids a collision.

Look for any obstacles: Road hazards such as pot-holes, railway crossing, dirty roads, oil, etc., can be dangerous for two-wheeler drivers. It can lead to severe threats if not careful. It isn’t very smart to over-speed your bike on roads as it might prevent you from observing the condition of the way. Being attentive is essential.

Get your vehicles checked: Maintaining your bike and getting it serviced regularly can increase fuel efficiency and helps to perfume in its peak. Before moving out, always check your brakes, tires, and clutches. Taking to a mechanic frequently can reduce the risk of accidents.

Keep tail-light on: Tail-lights mainly help a driver during nights or foggy weather, and they can be a life-saver for you. Taillights help you during off-road driving or city riding at night. If the tail-lights are not working, then replace it right away to avoid any untoward incident.

Go for a motorbike with ABS: In case of any emergency, anti-lock brake system helps to prevent the wheels from locking during braking, thereby maintaining a good contact on the road. It reduces stopping distance and prevents skidding. However, it is necessary to apply both the brakes during an emergency.

Use mirrors wisely: Mirrors play an essential role in the safety of the bikers on roads. The rear-view mirror in your bike helps to provide visibility and the traffic behind you. It also assists you with the change lanes and while overtaking or slowing down. It gives a better judgment to the rider and enables him a clear vision of vehicles approaching at high speed. Thus, mirrors make roads safer both for a driver and his surroundings.

Keep the tires in good condition: Tires make contact with the road surface, and play an essential role in how a two-wheeler responds to acceleration, braking, and handling. Therefore, it is vital to regularly inspect the tires to save yourself from mishaps or accidents. Washing them after a long ride can increase its life-span. Also, always remember to replace your motorbike tires when they become old and torn out.

Follow traffic rules: We must follow the general traffic rules while driving the vehicle. Always be at your left while driving as the right side is for other drivers passing from the opposite direction. Slowing down at road junctions and on road-corner is a good idea. Do not over-take just after the traffic lights are on. Always have a mental picture of the traffic around you.

Keep Calm: You should be in your full senses while riding a two-wheeler. If you are feeling sleepy or fatigued, then stop at a corner to refresh yourself or have a cup of tea. Consuming alcohol and riding is illegal and can be dangerous. It may lead to a deadly situation, and there can be possibilities of fatal accidents.

Avoid using mobiles: People often ride while talking over their phones without understanding the fact of mental distraction while driving. It is a bad habit to keep your phone near your ears and ride bending towards one side. It not only makes the rider uncomfortable but also deviates him from the vehicles and traffic around him.

I can conclude by saying that riding a two-wheeler is a thrilling experience as long as you take all the necessary and safety precautions.

So, be safe, keep safe, and ride along!

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