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Special Motorbikes for Disabled

Life is not always fair and sometimes tragedies take away something very important affecting us both physically and emotionally. One of the common physical challenges that occur from a tragedy is a disability.

Now, for a motorbike or any other rider, it would be disastrous to not being able to use the lower part of their body. This led to the innovation of motorbike equipment that can help make two-wheeler riding possible even for a person with a disability. Technology today has made the disabled independent enough to enjoy a two-wheeler ride as much as anyone else on the road.

So, in today’s article, our prime focus will be on some of the motorcycles that have been invented especially for the handicapped.

Road Chariot City Wheelchair Motorcycle for Disabled

A road chariot city is an amazing modified two-wheeler invention that has been pimped with additional wheels to make riding easy. This type of motorbike is useful for people who are in a wheelchair and are paralyzed or disabled from the waist downwards since it requires active use of the hands to get the best out of its functions.

This motorbike comes equipped with a foldable ramp that allows riders to get into the ride along with their wheelchair. After the wheelchair has been safely wheeled into the Road chariot motorcycle for disabled, the ramp can be folded back with a remote and the rider can get into the driving position.

A safety belt is also provided to keep the rider safely strapped in their modified two-wheeler in case of any sudden brake to avoid being tossed out of the road chariot.

The interesting part is that the bike is priced at about the same as a normal average motorbike, so the disabled rider does not have to spend huge extra cash to own this stress relieving invention.

This special motorbike comes in three different and yet affordable sizes or types.

  • The road chariot “City” size can hit a maximum speed of 45 mph,
  • The “Highway” size can hit a maximum speed of 55 mph and
  • The “Freeway” size can go as fast as 75 mph.

This invention can accommodate both motorized and hand wheeled wheelchairs.

The Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle

This is similar to the road chariot except that it has a more massive and solid physical look. The trike also makes use of a remote-controlled rear mounted ramp where the rider rolls in with their wheelchair.

Once the wheelchair has been wheeled in and the ramp has been retracted off the ground, the can then be secured to the trike with the aid of a push button just to ensure that a safe and smooth ride is achieved.

This three-wheeled motorbike was also designed with a reverse gear to make it easier for riders to park in parking lots appropriately and improve navigation.

The conquest motorbike for disabled looks a lot more solid with two wide rear tyres and an overall aesthetically pleasing outlook. It also has the provision for an extra passenger aside from that of the driver.

Kliktronic shift control is used to make switching through its 6 gears a swift and completely stress-free process.

The motorbike, referred to as the melding of a high-performance motorcycle and an F1 race car can hit an amazing top speed of 105 mph picking up from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.6 secs.

DIY Motorbike Kits for Disabled

There are also several other DIY kits available for sale that can be used to easily make a motorbike rideable for a disabled person such as gear shifter buttons.

The kits provide stability by adding extra wheels and tyres to the two-wheelers to introduce balance for the rider.

Although the additional kits might not be exactly suitable for people who are disabled from the waist downwards, it can be used by other disabled people with less severe disability.

With motorbike manufacturing companies and the government paying attention to people with disabilities, it is certain that the two-wheeler community would see more innovative inventions that would make riding a lot more adventurous and fun for people even with disabilities.

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