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Specifications – How Important is it While Buying a Motorbike?

So, what specifications you should be looking for and how important they are while purchasing a new or a second-hand motorbike?

Well, before investing in a new two-wheeler, here are a few specs you should consider. The tips below will help you cut through the marketing hype and find the right motorbike according to your needs, price, size, and experience.

Size of Engine:

Many in the motorbike community are under the impression that the style of any bike describes its power. But the truth is the look of the motorcycle does not have any relation with its engine.

The engine’s volume gets measured in cubic centimeters (CCs). Most of the automobile company provides an engine of 250cc to 300cc with their starter bikes while high ends powerful motorcycle gets 800cc to 900ccs. The more the volume of the engine, the higher the price goes for that motorbike.

Style of the bike:

Though the size of the engine is the most important thing to look at, we can’t neglect the form of a motorbike. Well, it doesn’t mean the exterior looks of a bike, but the category of motorcycle suited for various road uses.

Sports bikes- These bikes are smaller in size and lighter than other varieties. They mainly focus on achieving maximum speed. But they can fall short of comfort and storage.

Cruiser bikes- These bikes are heavy and large. They don’t give you much speed and style, but they have more power than other models. They can be a good option for weekend-trips or day to day life.

Touring bikes- These motorcycles are mostly for long-distance trips or off-road biking. They don’t have much speed or power but have comfortable seating and storage compartments.

Seat Height:

The height of the seat is another important factor before purchasing any bike. You need to check how much high is the motorcycle’s seat from the ground. Both your legs should touch the ground while sitting on the bike for safety. If the position is too low or too high, then it won’t be effortless for the rider to ride it.


Though the weight of a vehicle isn’t essential for the car drivers, it matters a lot for the motorbike riders. It is an advantage if you have a heavy motorcycle as it remains stable on the road while other vehicles are passing by. Lighter bikes have speed, but it can sometimes become challenging to manage them in case of turbulence.

The rider must be comfortable while riding the two-wheeler, and the weight of the bike matches his muscle power.


It is essential to know a few technical words before investing in a bike. In a simple language, torque is about how the bike will act on its top speed or during extra pressure. People are fond of off-road traveling or long-distance trips. Hence, torque is a vital feature to consider.


All the motorbikes don’t get a windshield. It can be vital for you in case of riding in the hilly region or cold, windy weather. If your plans are mostly for hills and mountains, then you should consider a large windshield while shopping for a motorbike.

Noise Pollution:

We love to hear the sound of any motorcycle when it is loud, but too loud a noise hurts and also creates noise pollution. Therefore, you must know the difference between noisy pipes and a mellow, pleasing exhaust tone.

Fuel economy:

If you are a regular commuter, then considering fuel economy is a must. As the petrol prices are rising day by day, mileage friendly bike can be a better choice for you. But it would be a wrong assumption for a new bike rider that all motorcycles are fuel sippers, especially it has a big engine. Therefore, check with the brand about fuel-friendly bikes.


Your budget is one of the most important factors while shopping for a new bike. I would suggest you search on websites or your local stores about the above giving criteria and invest money accordingly.

Thus, there can be tons of reasons to buy a motorcycle for yourself. But we get confused when it comes to choosing the best one for ourselves, and it happens to me as well.

So, if you too are in a dilemma, then go through the list of must-look-for specifications in a motorbike and make a better decision.

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