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Strike – The Latest Electric Superbike from Lightning Motorcycles

Hello everyone! Who all are looking forward to try out an electric motorbike this year?

Each one of you in the motorbike community, right? Well, then open your arms to welcome Strike, the latest and affordable e-bike from Strike.

Lightning Motorcycles unveiled its new e-bike in March 2019. This is yet another electric superbike after the successful run of their world’s fastest electric superbike, LS-218.

The beautifully designed e-motorbike,  Strike is primarily designed and developed for mass marketing and hence it guarantees to offer “premium built, performance, and mechanization at a low-budget.

How much does it cost?

When comes to cost, the electric bike from Lightning is quite reasonable compared to its predecessors.

  • The starting price of this eco-friendly two-wheeler is $12,998 (Rs 9 lakh approx) and
  • The top-end Carbon version of Strike would cost you around $19,998 (Rs 13.8 lakh approx).

If you want to advance book or reserve the motorbikes, then you need to shell around $500 (Rs 34,617) for the Standard model and $10,000 (Rs 6.92 lakh) for the Carbon model on the Lightning Motorcycle’s official website.

How comfortable is the new e-bike?

Now, if we move on to talk about Strike’s style, Lightning Motorcycles has focused primarily to make Strike both ready for track and regular every day ride. In short, it is made for city traffic as well as professional racing.

In layman’s terms: it is a sharp-looking, completely solid electric motorbike with a comfortable riding position.

Lightning Motorcycles also guarantees Strike to be the most efficient and productive electric bike available today.

So what are the  components and specifications of Strike, Standard and Carbon version?

Well, the most important component controlling Strike is a fluid cooled AC enlistment engine equipped for delivering 90 hp and 244 Nm of torque on the Standard form.

The Carbon release, in the interim, makes 120 hp and 244 Nm of torque.

The guaranteed top speed is 217 kph on the Standard Strike, and 241 kph on the Carbon.

The Strike, quite interestingly comes in three distinctive battery sizes – 10 kWh, 15 kWh and 20 kWh.

As per company claims, the 10 kWh battery has a guaranteed scope of around 113-161 km.

The marginally bigger 15 kWh pack has an asserted scope of 169-241 km and the biggest 20 kWh battery has a guaranteed scope of 241-322 km.

How easy is it to recharge the motorbike battery?

Well, your Strike can be fully charged by using a standard 110 V outlet overnight at home.

However, if you wish to charge is faster, then you can go for a DC fast charger which can give you optimum results in just about 35 mins.

With this, Lightning Motorcycles has ensured that slow electric motorbike charging is the thing of the past!

What are the additional features of the Carbon model?

The top-end Carbon version of Strike highlights numerous additional specifications over the Standard model. Among these is the

  • Carbon-fiber bodywork.
  • The Carbon version likewise gets front and back Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes and a race-spec instrument group that includes a lap timer and GPS-based information logging.

What about the prospects in India?

Well, at present, the Strike is being assembled and sold just in the United States of America; however the Lightning Motorcycles has confirmed that they will be deciding on their plans of expansion in other countries by the end of this year.

So, hopefully the motorbike community in India will also pretty soon view the excellent innovation of electric two-wheeler in one of the auto-expo’s.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed as we all eagerly await to hop on to the Strike for a test ride.

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