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Motorbikes India and will be supporting the SaveLIFE Foundation in India!

We have been looking for a worthy agency for our organisations to support in India, and after some deliberation, we have decided that we will support this fantastic cause.

There were a number of key reasons that led to our decision; these are just some of them –

savelife numbers

These figures are shocking enough, however, the statistics when it comes to two-wheeler accidents, fatalities and the age groups involved are really unacceptable, in a country which should be supporting its road users, not just in having safe roads and ensuring that people are fully trained and wearing the right equipment, but how it supports them when an accident occurs, i.e. in terms of emergency assistance (more later).

If you look at the cost to the Indian government of accidents (4.07 LAKH CRORES), surely there is a strong argument of prevention rather than cure?

So what is the SaveLIFE Foundation doing to improve this situation, and which enabled us to make the decision to support them? Turns out a number of really great things, here’s just some of the highlights –

  • Campaigning for better road safety laws in general, and was critical in getting a new national Road Safety Law introduced (Amendment bill 2016)
  • They have managed to change the law to enable ordinary citizens (Good Samaritans) to bring victims of road traffic accidents to hospital without getting harassed by authorities. This will enable doctors and nurses to treat more people in that crucial ‘first hour’ after an accident
  • Developed an app to help people drive/ride safer (‘ROADSAFE’)
  • Improved emergency roadside care across India by training over 10,000 first responders
  • Secured a ban against the practice of carrying protruding rods on trucks
  • Have vastly increased peoples perceptions about road safety in India
  • Have been awarded and recognized for their work, including the Clinton Global Initiative in 2014 and the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2014. To name just a few!

So as you can see, they are doing some great work, which when you look at the statistics below you will understand why this organisation is so greatly needed.

savelife stats

Just looking at these stats makes for horrific reading, however, if you take this down to two-wheeler accidents and fatalities the figures are truly disturbing.

Most affected demographics

  1. According to the 2016 data, a two-wheeler rider is the most at risk of being killed in a road crash. The number of people killed in crashes involving two-wheelers was 44,366 in 1,62,280 incidents.
  2. The age group of 18-45 years was most at risk of being killed, with 68.6 per cent of all fatalities occurring among this productive age group.
  3. Males constituted over 84.5 per cent of all fatalities with 1,27,453 being killed in road crashes in 2015.
  4. The number of fatal crashes has seen a consistent rise since 2005 and accident severity expressed in terms of persons killed per 100 accidents, has gone up from 29.1 in 2015 to 31.4 in 2016.

The key highlights are listed below

  • 34.8 per cent of the people killed in road crashes were on two-wheelers, which is more than in any other mode of transport
  • 84.5 per cent of the people killed in road crashes were males and 15.5 per cent females.
  • 46.3 per cent of the people killed in road crashes were between the ages of 18-35.
  • Vulnerable Road Users (two-wheelers, bicycles, pedestrians, etc.) make up 47 per cent of the total fatalities.

So, as you can see a very large proportion of the stats are two-wheeler focused, which is also a great concern for Motorbikes India and Win a Bike as bikers in India are our key interest.


savelife key factors

Lets now look at some further stats from the SaveLIFE foundation showing the vehicle types involved in road crashes, the percentages of vehicle types that unfortunately lead to fatalities, and finally the saddest statistic of all; the age groups involved!

Over 42,000 young lives (younger than 18, and up to 25) lost each year. This is truly a tragic situation, considering that these young men and women are just starting out in their lives.


savelife stats 1

Makes for sad reading doesn’t it?


And of course like most countries, some states and cities have a higher accident rate, number of injuries and death toll than others. Lets look at how this breaks down in India –

savelife top 10 page 1

savelife top 10 page 2

savelife top 10 page 3


Road conditions, the amount of traffic using the roads, and the time of day have an important part to play when assessing accident trends, so lets look at the time of day when you are most likely to have an accident.

Interestingly, early evening seems to be the worst time, probably because people are anxious to get home! However you will see that the figures are relatively evenly spread throughout the day, with the exception being between midnight and 6 am when crashes halve or more (obviously, this is when most people are sleeping).

savelife timely stats

Finally, some other facts, data and trends on road accidents in India –

Other Critical Data

  • Protruding load caused 22,705 crashes, which killed 8,476 people and injured 21,178.
  • Overloading/ overcrowding of vehicles caused 61, 325 crashes, which killed 21,302 people and injured 61,857.
  • 84 per cent of the crashes were attributed to fault of the driver, which killed 1, 21, 126 people and injured 4,14,785.
  • 1.4 per cent of the crashes were caused by defects in the condition of the vehicle, which killed 2,823 people and injured 6,956.
  • 1.5 per cent of the crashes were caused by defects in the condition of the road, which killed 2,983 people and injured 6,579
  • Road Crashes due to the use of a mobile phone whilst driving were 4,976 with 2,138 deaths and 4,746 injuries.
  • Road crashes due to non-use of helmets resulted in 10,135 deaths and non-use of seat belts led to 5,638 deaths.

Trends over the last decade

The last decade registered the first decline in the number of road crashes as well as fatalities from one year to the next. However, road crash fatalities rose to the highest number ever recorded in 2016. Road crashes, on the other hand, declined in 2016 yet again. Key observations with respect to trend in crashes and fatalities is listed below,

  • The number of road crashes nationwide registered its first decline in 2011, a decline of 1,942 road crashes
  • The number continued to fall till 2013, by which time the drop in road crashes was 13,152
  • The number began to rise again after 2013, and subsequently rose to the highest ever recorded in 2015. In 2016, the number saw a 4.1% decline.
  • The number of fatalities registered its first decline in 2012, a decline of 4,227 fatalities.
  • The number continued to fall till 2013, by which time the drop in fatalities was 4,913.
  • The number began to rise again after 2013, and subsequently rose to the highest ever recorded in 2016.

Although there is a glimmer of positives in the figures above, for example the number of road crashes reduced in 2016, on the down side the number of fatalities increased!

So still, a long, long way to go!

The good news is that with organisations such as the SaveLife Foundation working day in, day out, to improve the safety of drivers/riders on India’s roads, Motorbikes India and Win a are confident that sometime in the future more people will be safer whilst using the highways of India, and our youngsters will grow up to become what they and their loved ones wished for, not just another sad road statistic.

As you can see it was not a difficult decision for us to support the SaveLife Foundation, and over the coming months as our new organisation Win A Bike is launched, we will be donating a percentage of all proceeds to the SaveLIFE Foundation. So please keep an eye out on and for further details.

One thing we do promise is that whenever somebody wins a bike from the following will always be included:

  • A riding safety course
  • A quality tested helmet and gloves
  • Full insurance
  • Our MI safety guide
  • A copy of this article!

For further information on the SaveLIFE Foundation go to: or contact them on: +91 11410 91911 for general enquiries or to make a donation: +91 96438 33895

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