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Suzuki Burgman Street BSVI : Review

So, tell me, when did that one ride happen that you enjoyed a lot in your lifetime? Do you remember or are you still hoping to embark on one?

Well, that’s the feeling that prevails in many motorbike and scooter rider’s life. We get bundled up in a routine life where we forget to enjoy our ride every day and every time. Now the time has come where you can enjoy your every journey with all-new Burgman Street BS6 from Suzuki.

If you want to know more, then read further and get ready for the new experience with Burgman Street BS6.

“With more glee and exhilaration, we bring forth our most elegant scooter enraged with fuel injection technology along with the BS6 engine with which your ride will be more enjoyable.” Said Koichiro Hirao, Managing Director, Suzuki Motorcycle India, on February 17, 2020, during the launch of BS6 compliant Burgman Street scooter.

“BS-VI is an upgraded version of BS-IV and with its outstanding features, successful creation, and premium riding experience, we prove that our company is a pioneer in the 125 cc scooter segment in India”-adds, Hirao at the launch.


As you can notice from the above shots of Burgman Street BS6, without a doubt, it has a stylish and excellent design. For a convenient and comfortable ride, more expanded seat space is available. Some of the accessories that gain our attention and become a wow factor for Burgman Street would be the side step, USB charger and, accessory bar. Do not forget about the chrome mirrors that are of elegant style.


Burgman Street-IV is a package of 125cc 4-stroke SOHC 2 valve 1-cylinder, air-cooled petrol engine premium scooter that has come up with attractive features like integrated engine start and kill switch with Suzuki easy start system and fuel injection technology. These two factors make it unique from the before BS-IV version.

Alongside, we have other features like Multi-function full digital meter, luxurious LED headlight & position lights, standard mount windscreen, and flexible foot position for the rider.

Well, wait, guys, as the list is not yet over.

  • Burgman Street BS6 has a DC socket in the glove box for easy charging,
  • Combined brake with the front disc,
  • LED rear combination light,
  • Sporty muffler cover,
  • Aluminum pillion footrest,
  • Conventional dual luggage hooks,
  • Under-seat storage,
  • Glove box & rack for storage, and
  • last but not least, shutter key with central seat lock.

A combination of all the above key features makes the BS6 an outstanding one in the scooter community. Additionally, to be more specific with the engine, a maximum torque of 10.0N –m @5500 rpm is attainable with BS6 that has an overall length of 1880 mm, width 715 mm, and height, 1140 mm. The fuel tank has a total capacity of 5.5L. A seat height of 780 mm is available, and ground clearance of 160 mm.


Burgman Street BS6 from Suzuki comes with a maintenance-free 12V, 3Ah battery, and LED headlights for a better experience.

Brakes and wheels

  • The wheels are made up of alloy and can be maintained easily. Both the wheels are tubeless.
  • The front end is 90/90-12 54J, while the rear end is 90/100-10 53J. It has a wheelbase of 1265 mm.
  • It has both disc and drum-based brakes with disc-style in the front end, and drum style in the rear end. The combination of both the wheel and brake system provides the right displacement.


In the front end, there is Telescopic suspension and Swing Arm at the rear end for comfortable riding.


Four different attractive and classic color options are available in BS6, and they are- Metallic Matte Red, Pearl White, Metallic Grey, and Metallic Matte Black.


You can now have an enjoyable riding experience with Burgman Street BS6 at Rs. 77,900/-.

If riding a motorbike is an adventure, then riding a scooter is always fun in making memories. No doubt, Burgman Street BS6 from Suzuki is the best scooter for excellent riding experience.

So, get ready for the next level of riding with all-new Burgman Street BS6 in a couple of days.

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