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The 15th Edition of Himalayan Odyssey

Himalayan Odyssey is here again! Yes, you heard it right RE fans. The rider event of the year that ventures into taking control of the anomaly of nature is back this year for the trip of a lifetime.

Well, to be frank, it is not for the chicken-hearted and definitely not for the novice riders either.  After all, it takes a master of wheels to ride on elevated levels at about 17,500ft above sea level with little to no space between the road and the seemingly bottomless undulating rocky hills and vegetative valleys.

From its very first edition which debuted in 1997, Himalayan Odyssey has ever since successfully conducted 14 editions of this event and will flag off the 15th one in Delhi on the 7th of July 2018.

The event, organised by Royal Enfield features both men and women with about 70 participants in total.

The most important part about this trip is to take control of the wheels and ride through scary paths and terrains under unfavourable weather conditions with optimum confidence.

Well, that’s an utmost display of bravery, isn’t it?

The Odyssey tour will accommodate both male and female motorbike riders in two separate expeditions this time.

The women edition will witness women participants in this approximately 2200km of 18-day adventure ride through one of the toughest terrains and highest mountain passes in the world.

The event has been slated to flag off on the 7th day of July in Delhi with both the women’s as well as the men’s edition to flag off the same day.

The women’s team will witness the participation of 30 women riders from all around the world for the long 18-day adventure trip.

The women riders will be taking a different path from their male counterparts alongside service staffs, technicians and doctors who will be helping them along the way whenever their services are called upon on their way to Leh-Ladakh.

The team will see the participation of the talented rider Hema Choudhary. Hema has been a riding a motorcycle since she was 16 with quite a number of records to her name including marking her first solo ride of 2013 km from Gurgaon to Goa in 2016. She will be leading the team and would serve as a motivation.

The men’s expedition will also see to several Royal Enfield riders from around the world. It has quite a number of veteran Himalayan Odyssey riders.

Both the teams will take off from Delhi City Gate and although the men’s team will take a different route than that of the women riders, they will still converge at Leh-Ladakh.

Some of the head riders amongst the men include Rajat Gandhi and Shawn D’souza both of whom will take the forefront to lead the team of riders through the tasking paths to Leh.


Registration for the event has already commenced. To start with, all prospective participants should have a Royal Enfield motorbike and a valid account.

In case you do not have an account, you can head to to create one.

Then, either you can login with the details of your Royal Enfield account to register or you can simply enter as a guest as well.

The registration fee for Himalayan Odyssey Women 2018 is INR 42,000 for individuals and INR 84,000 for couples. International participants can only register with credit cards.

The Himalayan Odyssey event is an adventurous tour that should be on the bucket list of every RE motorcycle rider. It comes with an atmosphere of team spirit that cannot be explained in words but can be only be felt during the trip.

So, have you saved your seat for Himalayan Odyssey yet? If not, then hurry up, time is running out.

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