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The Beginning and Rise of BMW Motorrad in India

BMW Reaches India

BMW Motorrad is the bike manufacturing division of the Munich carmaker BMW. This car manufacturing giant, based out of Germany, produces bikes as part of its corporate subdivision. In 1923, they stepped their feet into the motorbikes market. Owing to its goodwill and quality, BMW successfully maintains the fanbase’s craze even today despite the high price. BMW came to India in the year 2007. Though all the BMW motorcycles get manufactured in Berlin, G310R and G310S get fabricated in India. TVS partnered with BMW to manufacture these two bikes on a large scale in their Chennai-Hosur plant.

The Launch

BMW has several sales units in all the metropolitan cities selling bikes of price ranging between INR 2.45 lacs to 22.5 lacs. Besides these sales centers and the production unit, there are training centers in Delhi and Mumbai.

While designing these bikes, the manufacturer considers the comfort and safety of passionate bikers.

The one exhibited in the movie Dhoom 3, viz. BMW K1300R with standard disc brakes and alloy wheels costs above INR 25 Lakh and the top ten BMW motorcycles in India can be categorized as below:

  • BMW G 310 R at INR 2.45 lacs

BMW’s first modern sub-500 cc bike

  • BMW G 310 GS at INR 2.85 lacs

Suited for enjoying a relaxed ride around the city beyond its boundaries. 

  • BMW S 1000 RR at INR 18.50 lacs

Racing bike with 999 cc four-cylinder engine redlined at 14,200 rpm.

  • BMW R 1250 GS at INR 20.05 lacs

Dual sportbike with 1,254 ccs, two-cylinder boxer engine with 4-valves per cylinder and variable valve timing

  • BMW F 900 R at INR 9.90 lacs

This dynamic roadster offers a pleasant ride and comes powered by lightning technology and connectivity.

  • BMW F 900 XR at INR 10.50 lacs

This well-equipped athletic bike provides the rider with a thrilling experience across the city.

  • BMW R 1250 GS Adventure at INR 21.95 lacs

With an increase in capacity to 1254 cc and 100 kW (136 hp), you can travel through rugged roads and rough climatic conditions. It comes with the variable camshaft control BMW ShiftCam that provides the Boxer engine with a distinctive culture.

  • BMW R 1250 RT at INR 22.50 lacs

This expensive sports bike comes with an engine of power of 135.9 ps and a torque of 143 nm.

  • BMW S 1000 XR at INR 20.90 lacs

This bike has an inline 4-cylinder engine manufactured in Italy. It is mainly for adventure-loving motorbikers. 

  • BMW R 18 at INR 18.90 lacs

R 18 is the latest cruiser motorcycle manufactured by BMW Motorrad, virtually launched in September 2020 in Germany.  

These bikes belong to the Ride, Style, and Heritage Collection. To make these bikes exclusive, they are handcrafted by perfectionists and customized to keep up with the taste of the adventurous bikers.

As part of the Option 719 feature, your bike becomes a part of the enriched BMW Motorrad history. This number is being used in their Berlin center for customized products only to get a piece of special equipment like exclusive milled part sets or high-quality forged wheels. 

For utmost adventure and sportiness, each of the motorbike models from BMW is unique, which further adds to every bike’s individuality. In India, quite a few authorized service centers sell the original spare parts that take care of ergonomic comfort and ease of navigation.

The primary motorbike accessories like the tires, oil filters, batteries, and spark plugs get frequently bought over the counters. Other additions include sports silencers, HP parts, communication boxes, and luggage systems. Nowadays, these are sold over online counters also.

However, you cannot buy a spare part of any brand for your expensive BMW motorcycle. The auto-tuned BMW manufactures accessories undergo several stages of rigorous testing to fit perfectly on your bike and through their super-fast logistics, you can get the required accessory on short notice. For technical maintenance, these motorbikes oblige regular servicing by trained agents.

The Growth of BMW 

The motto of BMW Motorrad is to “Make Life A Ride.” This century-old company has laid a strong foundation in the Indian market. Though there are other local and international brands manufacturing cheaper yet stylish bikes, no one can surpass the sales of BMW Motorrad in India. It has acquired 24% of market share in the luxury section, with a substantial profit of 1.5% amid the global economic crisis. With a varied range of new products and expanding reach, it sells more than 10K units each year, including the MINI version. As a result of high-grade performance during the tough times, its share value has increased by 500 basis points. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the annual sales have noticed a dip by 11%, which is lesser than its peers’ luxury section.

Well, BMW motorcycles are quite famous among the motorbike community in India and meant for bold and adventurous bikers. Their spectacular construction and unique architecture enhance demand and such precious possession adds to the status value. Earlier the class-conscious people used to purchase imported BMW motorcycles to show off their net worth. The rich brats from the movie industry and the industrialists form a significant market for BMW Motorrad in India ever since it came here in 2007.

Thus, it is needless to say, BMW Motorrad is an inseparable part of the Indian motorbike community and will stay for the life of the two-wheeler industry.

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