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The Best from the Indian Motorcycle

We gave you an overview of the Indian Motorcycle brand, its origin, and the different phases it went through over the last 115 years in one of the articles before. Therefore, today, we will talk about some of the best and the latest Indian Motorcycle models that were and are a hit in the motorbike community.

We promise it will be one hell of a ride and the enticing looks of these motorbikes will be enough to take your breath away.

So, take a deep breath and start reading to get a quick glimpse of the beasts from the warehouse of Indian Motorcycle.

As you already know, the Indian Motorcycle started back in 1903 and since then it has created legendary motorbikes for all kinds of riders. Each and every creation of Indian Motorcycle is unique as it follows a style of its own and comes with its own set of outstanding features.

So, all set to read about them?

Indian Scout

The first one in our list is the Indian Scout. Indian Scout is one of the heritage Indian Motorcycle models that was introduced in the year 2014 at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Scout was also named as the motorcycle of the year by in 2015.

Powered with a 94 HP V-twin engine mechanism, Scout has amazing throttle performance and comes fully equipped with modern technology including fuel injection parts, premium genuine leather seat, fleet-sided fenders, and heritage-inspired headlight design. The 6-speed transmission along with low centre gravity and 3’ seat height adjust gives a smooth ride.

Have a look at this dominating piece of beauty!

Indian Scout Bobber

Scout Bobber was introduced by Indian Motorcycle in 2017. It follows an iconic bobber style rear fender that gives it a classic bobber look.

The 94 barely-tamed horsepower that it produces is given by its blacked-out liquid-cooled, 69 cubic inches, 94 Hp V-twin equipped engine. It has the best-in-class suspension and handling is guaranteed to be superb with lowered rear suspension and street tracker handlebars.

Indian Chief

Undoubtedly, the Indian Chief model from Indian Motorcycles has been one of their best creations. It was launched in 2014 with a Thunder Stroke 111 cubic inch engine that is inspired by a motorbike style belonging to the 1940s.

Chief is known for its superior functionality and heritage-inspired modern instruments that are engineered for smooth handling and control. The main attraction is its powerful, stylish and iconic look with the legendary Indian Motorcycle logo.

Indian Springfield Dark Horse

If you want to experience the power of a horse on motorbike wheels, go for Indian Springfield Dark Horse. This super cruiser was first introduced to the motorbike community in 2016 and is now lined up for its new and updated 2018 version.

Few of its unbeatable features are Thunder Stroke 111 cubic inch engine that operates at a lower RPM and produces 150 Nm of torque. Apart from Dark Horse classic styling and black leather solo saddle arrangement, it comes with a remote lock, and hard saddlebags for those long journeys.

Indian Chieftain Limited

Indian Chieftain limited is one of the 2017 models from the brand and is more of a bagger-style motorbike.

Chieftain comes equipped with custom wheels and an amazing colour scheme. The touchscreen display along with full ride command options, power windscreen, and an optional passenger seat are some of its highlights.

What’s more? Well, it is equipped with keyless ignition technology and a premium quality audio system as well.

Indian Roadmaster

Indian Roadmaster came into the industry with its wonderful and stunning appearance. If you are planning for a long trip or ride, then the Indian Roadmaster is one of the best choices.

Roadmaster is loaded with all the best of features to provide smooth operation and superior functionality. It comes with keyless ignition and a ride command system. For a comfortable ride, you also get a push 2-up premium touring saddle, adjustable passenger floorboards, and around 37 gallons of cargo space.

The list of the fabulous creations from Indian Motorcycle is never ending. They all are a combination of beauty, high-end technology and best-in-class features.

So, if you are looking for the very best and are ready to spare big bucks, Indian Motorcycle can offer you unforgettable options.

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