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The Best Motorbike Racing Tracks of the World

In the last article, we spoke about some of the best motorbikes and also the top routes for a good motorbike ride. You all would agree that every motorbike racer requires a platform to showcase his talent and riding skills. Racetracks, competitions, and rallies are one of the most important aspects of being a professional motorbike rider, isn’t it? They are solely organized in order to encourage new and upcoming riders for motorbike sports and improve their skills towards riding.

So, are you aware of the best racing tracks in India and abroad? If not, then keep reading as today we will take a look at some of the famous race tracks and the requirements that are to be considered while choosing a motorbike race track.

India’s Top Racetracks

India is among one of the most important nations to organize International events. The Formula 1 circuit modules including Grand Prix and the recent FIFA Football World Cup are just some of the larger events. India also has some of the famous motorbike circuits and race tracks in the world that are well suited for talented racers to evaluate their hidden riding talents.

Madras Racetrack in Chennai

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Inaugurated in 1990, stretching 3.74 kilometers and consisting of twelve (full track) and seven (short tack) turns, Madras race track in Irungattukottai stands as the first circuit model in India. It was created and awarded with both FIA and FIM certification.

It hosts all types of racing matches for GT, Indycar, including Sportscars. Some of the remarkable events include MRF challenge, LGB F1300 and MRF F1600.

Buddh International Circuit in Uttar Pradesh

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The only Formula 1 as well as motorbike circuit module in India is the Buddh International Circuit located in Uttar Pradesh. This 5.125 kilometers circuit was inaugurated on October 30, 2011, and the first event organized was the Grand Prix. One of the noticeable records of this module is Sebastian Vettal’s win in all the 3 events including the ones in 2012 and 2013.

This circuit can accommodate 120,000 people and is designed by Hermann Tilke, a German architect. Other motorbike events that the place covers are KTM Track Day, Open Track Day and Hayabusa Riding.

Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore

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Sundaram Karivardhan, a renowned racer, is the owner of this race track in Chettipalayam, Coimbatore. The length of this race track is 2.1 kilometers and it was inaugurated in 2003.

This CIK-FIA approved race track with 14-corner circuit has hosted remarkable events including motorbike racing by MRF, JK tyres, as well as Formula 2000 and Formula 1600.

World’s Best Race Tracks

Phillip Island, Australia

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Phillip Island in Australia is known for the best MotoGP laps circuit in the world. One of the records in this circuit was created by Jorge Lorenzo in 2013 reaching an amazing speed of 182.1 kmph.

Just recently, Andrea Dovizioso was successful in setting a new record by attaining 348 kmph.

Termas de Rio Hondo, Argentina

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It is always estimated that newly built race tracks might be slow but it has been proven wrong in the case of Termas de Rio Hondo race track in Argentina. With a speed of 177.1 kmph, Marc Marquez was the first to create a record at Termas de Rio Hondo.

Let us now get to know about some of the requirements of race tracks.

The most important requirement of a race track is circuit safety that is taken into account during the certification process. If a race track needs to be accredited with FIA license, then the safety level of the track needs to be up to a certain level.

A race track must fulfill a list of recommendations and follow standard procedures of FIA including the safety barriers and FIM standard mechanisms.

Other important details

As a racer, you should choose the best racing motorbike else you wouldn’t be able to fair well on the track. According to some achievers, you can choose one among the following:

  • Honda CBR 250R (10/10)
  • TVS Apache RTR 200 (9/10)
  • TVS Apache RTR 200 4V (8/10)
  • Kawasaki Z650 (7/10)
  • Harley-Davidson Street Rod (6/10)

Before selecting a motorbike for a race track, you should pay heed to these tips.

Reliable: Choose a motorbike that will last long.

Powerful enough: Pick up a bike that you can handle with your own strength otherwise it might go out of control.

Not too expensive: A racing motorbike has to undergo many ups and downs, laps and counts. So, never opt for a precious one.

So, when are you planning to get on one of your nearest motorbike racing tracks anytime soon to accomplish the hidden racer within you?

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