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The Best of BMW Motorcycles – I

We all know how much BMW is famous in terms of its high-end cars and top-notch macho motorbikes. The use of the latest technology, best of designers, and talented technicians made BMW a premium brand in the automobile industry.

The company is in the production of high-end motorbikes since 1923 and recorded a rise in sales of 5.8% in 2019 over the previous year.

The BMW Motorrad will soon unleash a range of electric motorcycles and make drastic improvements in its initial models.

So, guys, today, we shall discuss the latest range of BMW Motorrad, but first, let’s first learn some unusual BMW Motorrad terminology!

BMW Motorrad Terminology


Its pronunciation is ‘Moto-rad’ and refers to ‘Motorcycle’ in the German language.


Beamer/Beemer again refers to motorcycles. On the other hand, ‘Bimmer’ is used for high-end BMW cars.


It is a kind of flat-twin engine made with two valves per cylinder. The airheads produced from 1969 to 1995, were also cooled by air.

Flat Twin

These are horizontally opposed cylinders by BMW’s iconic engine choice, installed across the frame.


In 1995, partial oil cooling got introduced when cylinders had two valves instead of four.

Precision cooling

Precision cooling is a water coolant or glycol mixture in the engine’s hottest part around the combustion chamber introduced in 2013 in the GS line of bikes.


The translation of GS is usually ‘Gelände Sport,’ and the word refers to Off-Road or just Road. The entry of the first BMW GS was made with R80/GS in 1980 and even continues throughout today.

Shaft Drive

Shaft Drive connects one gear inside the rear wheel’s hub to another equipment inside the gearbox.

So, members of the two-wheeler community, get ready to read our list of the best BMW motorcycles as follows.


First produced in 2007, BMW F800 GS is best known for its notable achievements or features such as oversized dirtbike handles. Other appreciated features in this tech-friendly bike include 6.5 inches display to securely access all data relevant to experience without compromising on further safety.

However, the model may be a little bit heavier comparatively, but it tops the list in terms of comfort. It features a four-stroke parallel stroke engine and can handle any problematic terrain for off-road purposes. You can even modify the motorbike with accessories such as a functional tank bag, sport exhaust, and aluminum engine guard.

BMW R Nine T Scrambler

The word ‘Scrambler’ refers to the conversion of the street motorcycle into a bike, which you can comfortably ride on dirt. This BMW R Nine T Scrambler comes with the highest power, seat, and price. With 85lb ft. of torque, the bike contains an inbuilt 170cc air/oil-cooled engine. And, its revised engine version meets Euro 4 standards with new exhaust, charcoal canister, and tune.

The BMW R Nine T Scrambler is a successor of its brother BMW R nine T. Not only the stylistic differences, but the production of the bike has also accounted for nearly $2100 reduction in MSRP. The Scrambler gets a non-adjustable, traditional, and telescopic from Showa with 4.9 inches of travel.

BMW R 1200 R

Both acoustically and physically, the BMW R 1200 R appeals most of the users. This boxer roadster is a combination of dynamics, comfort, and touring suitability. It may be one of the expensive bikes ever produced in the BMW Motorrad range. But, you can’t just stand the stunning looks for amazing motorcycling experience.

It’s 125 HP (92 kW) of the twin-cylinder powerful engine, further counts among noteworthy package. Officially, the bike is described as ‘Roadster in Perfection.’ The optional Dynamic ESA function helps increase the riding structure. Moreover, the features such as Pro riding modes and Pro shift assistant are just rocking the game.

Now that you read about the best BMW Motorcycles, you are well-informed why the BMW Motorrad range is rocking the Indian motorbike community as well as the entire world. However, the list doesn’t end here. We will be back with our second list of the best beasts from the house of BMW shortly.

Thus, stay tuned for more to come in the best of BMW – II

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