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The Best of Motorbike Accessories You Must Have – II

We know you were anxiously waiting for the concluding list of motorbike accessories to plan your motorbike journey post lockdown. It will help you plan better and decide which ones are adjustable or comfortable for your next ride.

Well, all your wait gets over here. This article will lead you to another seven exciting motorbike accessories that you must have on your motorbike to make traveling as smooth as possible.

So, here is the last installment of motorbike accessories.

  1. Backpack For Motorbikes

Name of the Manufacturers/Brand

Compass, Polestar, Auxter, Proera, Corus, Adidas, Duckback, XD, Skybags, ANVA, Kreative, Harrisons, Targus, Osprey, Golden Wolf, Bag Studio, Pacsun, Decathlon, Procus, Generic.

Why is it necessary

While you are on a journey, an appropriate bag will assist you in keeping your stuff fit and safe. Also, it is convenient to hold and keeps things of prompt use.

Before you opt for any backpack, first make sure that it is according to your body requirement and capability as it must be comfortable for you.

  1. Motorbike Helmet Lock

Name of the Manufacturers/Brand

Tiaco, Roadian, Steelbird, Fitaki, Alexa, Wrangler, Studds, Rsons

Why is it necessary

A helmet lock will not only help you affix it to the motorbike, but is also quite useful in avoiding your helmet from getting stolen or misplaced.

A helmet is probably the most critical safety accessory you need to carry always with you.

  1. Saddle Bag For Motorbikes

Name of the Manufacturers/Brand

Crust, Parnamis, Golden Riders, Gods, Dirt Sack, MK Designs India, Venom, Tourmaster, Stansport, Nelson-Rigg, SW Motech, Kuryakyn

Why is it necessary

If you are thinking of a post-lockdown trip that needs lots of stuff like a camping tent, toolkit, clothes, etc., the obvious choice is to carry a saddlebag.

The bag must be big enough and spacious to provide the necessary capacity to arrange the stuff rightly and easy-to-access at the time of need. It also keeps things secure against adverse weather conditions.

  1. Motorbike Alarm Disc lock

Name of the Manufacturers/Brand

Urban security, Arch, Kryptonite, Global, Uolor, Sigtuna, Agile shop, Coocheer, Master lock, Onguard Boxer, Acekit Veison, Xena

Why is it necessary

Motorbike security is the prime concern of all the bikers. Thus, an alarm disc lock is an excellent choice.

It comes with robust safety measures that spark with alarm to inform the owner about any act of theft. An alarm disc lock is also quite easy to handle.

  1. Motorbike Tire Pressure Gauge/ Tyre Inflator

Name of the Manufacturers/Brand

Coido, Windek, Mockhe, Destorm, Bergmann, Tigaat.

Why is it necessary

Have you ever come across a state wherein you suddenly had to move out for a long journey and did not check the tire pressure? Then during the trip, you faced low tire pressure with no repair shop around?

Well, to avoid such an unprecedented situation, you must carry a tire pressure gauge and inflator. Thus, whenever needed, you can check the tire pressure and inflate it timely.

  1. Multitool kit with sockets For Motorbikes

Name of the Manufacturers/Brand

Metafab, Hero, Akar, TVS, Standard Craftsman.

Why is it necessary

Being a motorbike rider you must be well aware of the utility of toolkit for motorbike. If you are on a journey, it acts as a savior.

With the help of the multitool, you can maintain your bike, repair it, change the tire, and fix many necessary things that otherwise seem hard to do without proper toolbox with sockets.

  1. Rechargeable Mobile phone holder for Motorbikes
Pic courtesy:

Name of the Manufacturers/Brand

Motowolf, APG, Boch, Safeseed, Tiaco, Softtube mobile Holdee

Why is it necessary

While riding a bike, you cannot pick up your phone to navigate or respond to any important message. It is tough even to receive a call or view notification on Bluetooth.

Hence, a mobile phone holder with rechargeable capacity becomes a must for guys who need constant communication while on the road(so that you can charge if required).

Now, you know all about the necessary accessories for your motorbike. They are undoubtedly essential items, but also give a style statement. So, without waiting, order and get your motorcycle some technology-laden accessories. They will help your ride be comfortable and safe at the same time.

Further, I want to add a little advice. It is always wise to listen to your heart; however, keep your mind open and watch other vehicles while chasing the passion of riding a motorbike.

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