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The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands – Part 2

Hey guys, you all know the reason as to why it is extremely important to wear proper gear while on a two-wheeler to avoid any mishap.

Well, the reason is simple!

Not everyone on the road drives according to the road safety guidelines. Thus, it is always good to equip yourself with safety gears. The most important gear among all for a two-wheeler rider is a helmet.

The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands - Part 2

Thus, keeping that pace forward from one of our last articles, here again, we are going to talk about some more helmets brands that ensure required safety standards.

So, let us begin to know each of them one by one.


The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands - Part 2

Designer, motorbike, scooty, stylish and safety helmets are some of the specialties from Wrangler Helmet Company. Wrangler is one of the leading producers of motorbike accessories that excels the competitive motorbike community with its all-round performance.

Price: INR 685 – INR 30,099.


MT Helmets

The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands - Part 2

With operations in over 95 countries, MT Helmets aim at producing quality and affordable motorbike accessories for its customers. They produce helmets with DOT certification and hence are guaranteed for safety. At present, it is the leading manufacturer of Dual Certified Helmet that is known for clear viewing and Max vision technology.

Price: Starts from INR 4,600.



The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands - Part 2

Steelbird is recognized as one of the oldest manufacturers of helmets well known for it’s high-class and top safety features. Steelbird not only manufactures helmets but also produces motorbike gears like gloves, goggles, and suits.

It has a huge variety of over 32 helmet models like Ski helmets, Jet helmets, Open face, Full face helmets and 13 Pannier box helmets.

Price: Starts from INR 1899


THH Legend

The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands - Part 2

THH Legend is an affordable helmet series with a premium look and comes with ISI certification. They are designed to be lightweight, about 800 grams with good soft padding along with an inbuilt eye protector.

Price: Price range starts at INR 2629


Royal Enfield

The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands - Part 2

Royal Enfield helmets are designed with CAD technology and the best design to ensure the safety and comfort of its users. With outstanding color options, RE is one of the best motorbike accessory manufacturers.

Price: Range starts at INR 1740


Well, “Helmets keep you safe against all odds of riding and racing. Thus it allows you to enjoy the ride with your full potential”.

In better words, your family is the most important part of your life, and you must ensure your wellness to keep your family smiling.

The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands - Part 2

So, grab the best of the motorbike helmet out of the listed ones and be ready for your next ride.

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