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The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Motorbike safety gears like gloves, jacket, and boots are very important for each and every rider. Among them, a helmet although basic, plays a vital role to protect the rider from serious head injuries during collisions and fall. Moreover, as per law, it is mandatory for you to wear helmet while riding a two-wheeler.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to choose the best helmet for your ride.

The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Hence, in today’s article, we have listed some of the best motorcycle helmet brands from where you can afford a qualified helmet in India. Simply read further to know more.

Helmet Brands in India

So, which helmet do you own? Does it fulfil the DOT Helmet standard? To be frank, most of the riders do not even care if it even belongs to a good brand. They purchase helmets just for the sake of it and for fear of challan, thus putting their own life at risk.

Here is our list of some helmet brands that prove to be the best in ensuring safety and style while riding. So take a look at them and pick one of these to start.


The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Aerostar is one of the fastest growing producer, manufacturer, and exporter of helmets for two-wheeler vehicles in India. It is well known for producing quality products at an affordable price range.

Some of the products of Aerostar include:

  • Full face helmets;
  • Open face helmets;
  • Helmet locking devices;
  • Motorbike side boxes.

Price: The price range starts as low as INR 422



The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands

If you are a daily commuter, Vega is a good choice for you. It was established in the year 1994 with the main intention of producing quality products to its valuable customers.

The helmet models from Vega are made of lightweight material, designed with CAD technology; are ISI approved and are of ABS shell to ensure safety.

Price: Starts at INR 825



The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands

With over 6 decades of expertise, Bell helmets are considered to be the best since 1954. Motorbike accessories and two-wheeler gadgets produced from Bell are known for their safety, comfort, and speed.

Hence it is the best choice for professionals with passion in motorbike racing. The helmets are of high quality as they are made up of polycarbonate shell that helps to protect your skull.

Price: Starts from INR 19, 875



The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Established in the year 1972, Nolan is another reputed motorbike helmet manufacturer whose products are used and endorsed by famous motorbike racers like Casey Stoner and Marco Melandri.

They are designed with such conviction that every creation of it has a premium look. Nolan helmets are a first choice for  professional motorists who look for endurance, durability, safety, and quality in their motorbike gear.

Price: Starting price is INR 13, 684



The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands

With two-wheeler parts manufacturing plants in Delhi and presence in over 35 countries, Studds proves to be one of the best helmet manufacturer and exporter in India. A combination of both style and comfort, Studds helmet has a fabulous selection for professional as well as daily riders.

The helmets are made up of high-density padding material, polycarbonate material, and anti-allergic velveteen.

Price: Quite cheap as the starting range is INR 489


Although there are ample motorbike gear choices available for you, it is your responsibility to choose the right one as per your need. So, the next time, you buy a new helmet, make use of this guide and pick up the best for a safer and a comfortable ride.

The Best of Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Well, our list of the best motorbike helmets does not end here, as we will soon be back with more for you. Until then, ride safe!

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