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The “Bike Doctor” — A motorcycling history Our “Bike Doctor” became involved in “off road” bikes at the early age of ten and from the age of sixteen began riding a Kawasaki AR50 as his first road legal machine.

He has not looked back since, despite suffering a near fatal crash at the age of 18, where he sustained multiple injuries in a head on collision with a car which unfortunately, was being driven erratically by a young driver on the wrong side of the road! As a result of the accident he lost his right leg from below the knee and was left with plates and numerous screws holding his shattered bones together. His passion for everything motorbikes and motorbike safety (particularly tyres, more on that in week 3 of this introduction) has never abated.

As most people would probably have sworn never to ride a motorbike again, this was definitely not the case for the “MBI Bike Doctor“.

In fact as soon as he was physically fit enough to do so, he was back in the saddle! And was even more driven to be involved in this fantastic sport and leisure pastime.

MBI Bike Doctor Champs3 423x336

Motorbikesindia: Bike Doctor (centre in black) with some of his racing colleagues.

Next week we will tell you about how he built his motorbike retail and repairs business, which started from a small industrial unit and expanded rapidly into one of the most respected suppliers of motorbike accessories and workshop solutions in the UK.

MBI motorbike maintenance Haynes manual

We shall also be discussing his involvement, in one of the biggest publishing houses of motorbike repair manuals in Europe, namely the much-respected ‘Haynes Publishing’ organisation (150 million manuals sold worldwide).

Haynes has been the motorcyclist’s first reference for motorbike repairs and maintenance advice (in print), since 1960!

Look out for next week’s update on the arrival of MI’s Bike Doctor

Update: Our MBI Bike Doctor is now live!

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