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The Contribution of FMSCI in National Motorcycle Racing – India

India is the perfect country for motorbike or two-wheeler racing. From the rugged mountains to the dense urban areas, there is a vast and diverse land to explore. With this perfect background, it is no wonder that motorbike riding has become incredibly popular. Hundreds of riders join clubs and many more discover their passion with each passing day.

However, we cannot mention motorbike racing without talking about the contribution made by the Federation of Motor Sports Club of India (FMSCI) to motorbike community.

So, let us get to know a bit about this sports governing body of India today.


The FMSCI is the only recognised authority for promoting and governing motorsports in India. It was founded in 1971 and was officially recognised by the Government of India, more specifically by the Youth Affairs Ministry.

Initially, it was set up as a not for profit private organisation and after 15 years was finally recognised by the Indian Government.

The FMSCI is not just a local body, but is also recognised internationally as a longstanding member of “Federation Internationale de l’Automobile” and Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme.

The main objective of the organisation is to govern and promote motorsports in India which includes racing of motorbikes.

However, they also have other duties that include:

  • Training and distribution of officials (both technical and sporting) to ensure that motorsports are conducted safely.
  • Create technical and sporting rules to regulate various motorsports including two-wheeler racing.
  • Issues licenses/permits to a motorbike community for various events.

Role of FMSCI in Motorcycle Racing

FMSCI is the leading authority on motorsports events across India and therefore is responsible for all motorbike events.

Here, we have compiled the various roles and activities that are undertaken by FMSCI in motorcycle racing:

  • Establish regulations in all areas of two-wheeler racing.
  • Provide newcomers with guidelines on what to do, and where to get more information from.
  • Organize and spread the word about motorbike racing events across the country.
  • Enforce all technical, sporting and general rules related to two-wheeler racing.
  • Seek out sponsors for motorbike events.
  • Set a schedule which includes date, location, and venue.

The National Motorcycle Racing Championship (MRF MMSC)

The National Motorcycle Racing Championship (MRF MMSC) is the largest motorcycle racing event in the country and the 2018 Championship is on at the moment. The grand tournament attracts competitors from all across the country to compete on the grandest stage.

The event is sponsored by MRF Tyres and is organized by the Madras Motorsports Club.

Stock 165ccPro, Stock 165ccSuper, Sports Indian 300ccSuper, and Sports Indian 400cc are the motorcycles specifications that are allowed in the race.

Any Guidelines for new entrants by FMSCI

As a new entrant, you need to follow the regulations that govern the National Motorcycle Racing Championship. You can visit the FMSCI website to read the list of rules and regulations, and where to sign up.

To partake in the championship race, entrants need to be above the age of 18 and have a Civil Driving License.  If you meet these two conditions, you need to apply for an FMSCI license.

You need to download a form, fill it out and send it over for the license. It will take a few days for the physical license to reach via courier, but the confirmed number at the website will be sufficient for you to proceed.

The National Motorcycle Racing Championship is the biggest, most exciting event of 2018. The event is organized by FMSCI.

Our National Ambassador – Udipta Kumar Rath is currently prepping himself for the second round of the MMSC which will be taking place in the 1st week of July, so do watch out for him!

We, the MI team wishes him the very best.

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