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The Growth of Hero Group and Honda after the Split- II

Hey all, here we are with our final article on how Hero and Honda scaled up the ladder of growth after their breakup. In the first part, we spoke majorly about Hero MotoCorp which is today the no. 1 two-wheeler manufacturing company of India. So, in this part, our prime focus will be on Honda and how it stood strong in the Indian motorbike industry post the fallout.

Shall we begin?

Honda Company came up with a brand new logo and struggled a lot in its first step as although it had technology support, it had never known the marketing strategies in India. Besides all these obstacles, Honda group has attained high growth rate in the industry and is one of the most sought-after brands in the motorbike community.

Want to know more? Well, then just keep on reading.

What’s new from Honda?

Honda has launched three amazing creations in March 2018 one after the other.

CB shine SP priced at INR 62,032, Livo for INR 56,230 and Dream Yuga costing around INR 52,741 created a lot of buzz in the Indian motorbike industry. There is heavy demand for the motorbikes due to their attractive features and an affordable price range.

Dream Yuga is updated with a new color scheme and is redesigned to give mirror and cluster appearance all over its body. While Livo now comes with a digital display console technique that is a wonderful one. CB shine SP is a shining star among those two launches and is well suited for sporty and adventure drives. All these three motorbikes are low maintenance leading to better fuel efficiency and good performance.

Hey, it’s not over yet! If you are a rider who longs for speed, Honda has launched CB Hornet 160R especially for you. Doesn’t it look stunning?

For the women riders, Honda launched a new version of its best scooter in the market, “Honda Activa 5G” which gives a comfortable and balanced ride in all road conditions. It maintains the classic look of its earlier versions with some enhanced features. You can review other details about Honda Activa 5G at

How Honda fared in the Indian market post the split

After the breakup of the joint venture, Honda’s ultimate target was to occupy a top position in the Indian motorbike industry. To attain its goal, Honda made vigorous efforts with all its available resources and as a result, Honda acquired the place of “Number 2” in the list of the largest two-wheeler manufacturing company.

Honda Group has expanded its territory and is now exporting its motorbikes to various countries that include Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh. In addition, as a long-term goal, it is aiming to extend its sales to South-East nations like Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

With continuous improvements in its technology, Honda has sold over 6.12 million units last financial year leading to an increase in growth rate by 22%. Amazingly, it exported over 300,000 units worldwide and stands out with a market share of 57% along with the best leadership ranking in scooters.

One of the interesting facts is that Honda is just a few sales behind Hero to overtake it as the No.1 two-wheeler manufacturing firm. So, once a team, these two two-wheeler giants are now in close competition with each other!

How the future looks for Honda

“Our next step is to make a great jump towards the position of number 1 and to win our competitors with amazing market value. We are planning to extend our territory further and concentrating on rural and urban customers too”, says Minoru Kato, President, and CEO of Honda group. In addition to this, they are currently working on complying the BS-VI emission standard that will be enforced by April 2020.

With no doubt, the future of Honda group looks to be a fantastic one.

In other words, if to be expressed in a filmy way, the partnership of Hero Honda group was as famous as Romeo Juliet legacy but, with a sad ending of their breakup. However, in the process, it has been a boon for the Indian motorbike community, as a whole set of new products have been launched by these two companies in the recent years.

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