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The Desirable Hyosung GT250R

Hyosung have rapidly brought some eye catching affordable bikes to the Indian market. The GT650R is.. well.. desirable! but let’s face it, affordability is a big factor for so many of us that a smaller “rocket” down below simply makes more sense. So we welcome the Hyosung GT250R, which comes with an ‘I mean business!’ macho look (much the same as the 650 and bigger than other rival 250’s), decent performance, with the advantages of less CC’s, fuel consumption and associated insurance and taxes.

A fuel injected V (DOHC 8 valve) twin motor combined with twin discs and Dunlop tyres, a weight of 159kg (plus a relatively narrow width) make this a realistic, not so thirsty, but super sporty commuter bike, which can be enjoyed both during the week and in free time. It’s built on the same platform as the GT650R but is both more affordable and more suited to those that are new to bigger bikes. It’s a sporty riding position, so a little adaption time is sensible before opening up that throttle.

Hyosung have a so far reliable reputation and with a GT250R price of circa Rs.2,76,000 this bike seems to make for a sensible purchase.

Dubbed by Hyosung as “India’s biggest wildest 250cc experience” we think it’s going to be a popular choice for those with superbike dreams. It’s not quite as fast as its Kawasaki Ninja or Honda rivals, but for our roads and traffic, we believe fast enough. DSK Hyosung continue to expand their superbike showrooms in India with latest opening in August 2013 at Kolhapur.

We like the competition that they bring to our market with GT250R as it helps to push prices down while driving innovation from other players. Keep it coming Hyosung!

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