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The Indian Bull Riders Motorcycle Club

Do you love motorbikes? Are you thrilled to hear the roar of a motorcycle? Do you feel a rush of exhilaration while riding your bike? Does the open road call you?

If your answer is yes to all these questions, then you need to be a part of a motorbike club and join a community that shares your passion for motorbikes and the open road.

The Indian Bull Riders Motorcycle Club

Keeping this in mind, today we will talk about one of the largest motorbike clubs of India, called the Indian Bull Riders Motorcycle Club.

About the Indian Bull Riders Club

The Indian Bull Riders Motorcycle Club (IBRMC) is the largest motorbike community for Royal Enfield riders. The members meet once or twice a week to engage in different events that include social responsibility and of course long motorbike trips.

IBRMC has its branches in Jaipur, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune, with three locations (or chapters) in Thrissur, Guwahati, and Kolkata under probation. The branches are called ‘Chapters’ and they act as the local hub for the members in that particular city. Each Chapter is free to arrange their own events, and activities, led by a Chapter Head. The head has extensive administrative duties that include organizing events and making sure members abide by the club rules.

When was IBMRC founded and by whom?

The Indian Bull Riders Club is a decade old club which was first founded in November 2007, as the Delhi Bull Riders Club (DBRC). It mainly targeted Royal Enfield enthusiasts residing in and around Delhi. However, as time passed, the membership was expanded well beyond the Dehli/NCR boundaries. Hence, in June 2010 it was renamed as the Indian Bull Riders Club, to better reflect its membership.

Sajeesh Nair is the founding member of the Indian Bull Riders Club alongside fellow founding members Robbie Ghosh and Gaurav Kumar. IBRMC currently, has more than 2000 members spread across the different chapters (one chapter is based in a city).

How to join them

Interested in joining?

Well, you will need to attend one of the events hosted by your local chapter head to officially become a member. You can although become an online member by simply liking their Facebook page. In case you want access to some of the local chapter Facebook pages, have your account approved by the chapter head.

The Indian Bull Riders Motorcycle Club

Joining IBRMC will help you develop an appreciation for the intricate system of motorbike parts and accessories. However, you should know that not everyone can become a member as there are some prerequisites you need to accomplish like:

  • Must be over the age of 18.
  • Be regular on weekly meetings and periodic rides.
  • Should have a valid driving license
  • Promise not to use IBRMC name, position, and contents for your own personal gain.

Places visited

The Indian Bull Riders Motorcycle Club

IBRMC members arrange long bike rides to different places around India. One of the places they visited is Umba La, a motorbike ride arranged and conducted by IBR Hyderabad.

The different chapters of IBRMC orchestrate their own long distance, bike riding events, like a trip to Ladakh, Kanyakumari and much more.

Not only India, the group has made 5000 visits over 30+ countries as well.

Now, that’s an incredible number!


IBRMC organizes a variety of events that involve a great deal of long-distance biking. One of these biking events is the Chapter Run. All registered members are expected to visit all chapters within a given time frame.

The most important event is the Bulletiapa, a major event where members from all chapter houses meet at one location. These are fun-filled occasions consisting of dancing, prizes and of course motorbike rides!

The Indian Bull Riders Motorcycle Club


IBRMC as any other motorbike community is passionate about all the things related to motorbikes. However, the club also understands that it has a duty towards the society. With this in mind, IBRMC engages in several charities to uplift and better our society from time to time.

The Indian Bull Riders Motorcycle Club

IBRMC is one of the most active group amongst the Indian motorbike community, and it will an awesome experience for you to be a part of this wonderful club. So, don’t think waiting, just go and try your luck to become a member of the Indian Bull Riders Motorcycle Club right away!

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