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The Lockdown Conduct for a Biker: Tips for You and Your Bike Today

The coronavirus has been amongst the most concerning part of our life but in essence, it has also brought all of us closer in a sense to fight against a common unseen enemy. This epidemic has undoubtedly affected almost every country and every aspect of life and business. The automotive industry like others has taken a major hit. The motorcycle industry has seen a titanic sink in terms of sales because of this outbreak.

Nevertheless, the industry is gearing up for a stronger start. The operations have been resumed in some of the factories to kick start economic wheels. Also, the companies are trying to lure customers with huge off-season discounts, finance schemes, and service schemes to attract them back to the showrooms. Companies are also trying to encash the online route of retailing and selling off the stock motorcycle, something which was not a popular option until just 3 months back. One at least in this case always use to physically have a feel of the bike before buying it but maybe times are up for a change.

Amongst all this, the current owners are forced to more or less keep their beauties parked in the garages. So what all is needed to keep your motorcycle ride worthy as soon as the restrictions are lifted? Let’s go through a to-do list compiled by us for you.

Prime points to be taken care of are:

  1. Park the motorcycle under a shed or at least use a motorcycle cover which will keep the paint fading to a bare minimum. It will also safeguard softer plastic or rubber parts like bushes, mounts, tires, etc.
  2. Crank the engine 15 minutes per week to keep the batteries charged.

Before hitting the road, be sure to do this 5-point check. These won’t need a lot of expertise but will help you analyze the condition the vehicle is in.

Check the tires: Tires kept for too long in an exposed environment or shelved can develop various problems. Extreme temperatures and low humidity can cause cracks to develop on tires. Riding on these tires at high speeds can cause a tire burst or even just tread withering which might lead to serious accidents. So, check the tire condition, and if you see cracks get that sorted right away by ordering a new set.

Perform battery check: A long-standing motorcycle with a lead-acid battery can have various implications. Firstly, check the battery age as indicated onto the side of the battery. Also, check if the battery has any juice left in it or no. If you haven’t been cranking up the engine from time to time then you might need to take out the battery and charge it.

Check for any liquid leaks: Check for any kind of seepage along with the engine case which would be engine oil most probably. Also, inspect for any leaks along with the front suspension for fork oil. Do not forget to lay your eyes on the brake lines and master cylinder for brake oil leaks and monitor the radiator outline and hoses for coolant leaks anywhere. Such leaks need to be affixed before hitting the road again.

Check for engine oil: Have a look at the glass to identify the level of engine oil present at that time. Also, inspect the viscosity of the engine oil by using a small metal stick if a dipstick ain’t available to find out the quality of the oil. Remember, healthy engine oil is necessary for a long-lasting engine.

Clean the dust-off bike: Some exposed parts of the motorcycle tend to gather dust especially if they are not under a cover. One prominent example is air filters which might accumulate dust. Unscrew the same and clean it. Also, one other place to inspect is the headlamps and tail lamps. These have special vents near edges which serve the purpose of directing heat away from the chamber. These also are notorious sites for the dust to seep in.

Now that you know what to do until you hit the road, we at Motorbikes India feel it’s our responsibility to also make you aware of what measures you need to take post lockdown.

Wear bandana or cloth mask to cover face: So that masks stay available for our frontline warriors; we can go with cloth masks prepared at home. You can also convert a bandana to cover the mouth and help protect yourself against the virus to some degree.

Wear a helmet at all times: Using your helmet as the first line of defense is a good idea. For small talks like asking directions or are at a drive-thru giving an order, keep your helmet on. As it is helmets are mandatory for road safety but as the current situation is, it will be wise not to share helmets. Sharing personal helmets is never a hygienic option as it gives a chance to the germs to propel person to person. In case you are opting for a bike cab service like Rapido, Ola bike, or Uber bike; it will be wise to sanitize the helmet on your own before wearing it.

Wear gloves at all times: Just like helmets, gloves can act as the first fence against the spread of coronavirus. People don’t take into account how careful they have to be regarding the hand-based transmission of germs in such a situation. Solomon says that it would be wise to keep your gloves on during instances such as giving cash or card while at a petrol pump after refueling. As per research, currency notes change a lot of hands in their lifetimes and hence become potential sites for germs. We are with Solomon in this case. Also, don’t forget to wash them now more frequently.

Hand sanitizer: Hand sanitizers are supposed to be a part of your traveling kit now. In any instance, these are pretty capable to kill more than 70% germs and leave your hands worry-free. In the case where you are taking a 2-wheeler taxi, this turns to be extremely important. Remember to go in for alcohol-based sanitizers only.

Hand sanitizer alcohol gel rub clean hands hygiene prevention of coronavirus virus outbreak. Man using bottle of antibacterial sanitiser soap.; Shutterstock ID 1662761695; Purchase Order: 2381; Job: hand sanitizer; Client/Licensee: spy

E pass for traveling: As per central government rules, one must get hold of an E-pass which is issued by the state government you are in. It will bear the state government logo which issues it, applicant name, applicant address, date of issue, valid date, and a QR Code. Remember that such E passes can only be issued as per state government satisfaction on the basis such as your Aarogya Setu status, the zone you are coming from, and things of such kind. The same can be obtained by following the link below:

In spite of all these, do continue to respect road laws and adhere to the government guidelines. Keep the Aarogya Setu app handy and let’s sincerely work towards building up a great nation again. For the biker inside you who hears the roads calling, ask him/her to stay calm for just a few more days as that is what a responsible biker will do. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Stay safe and keep others safe too.

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