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Blessing in disguise, the “Odd Even” policy of New Delhi

New Delhi, the capital of India, is known and in the limelight for many a reasons. Recently, it was in the news due to the new pollution control policy called the ‘odd even policy’ that was started by the Delhi government.

Traffic in New Delhi

The rules laid down were such that from the 1st till the 15th of Jan 2016, the cars plying within the state will have to run on alternate days, and on the basis of odd and even number plates. Only Sundays were exempted and any violation of this rule was to result in a hefty fine.

Although unwelcoming, this policy was not levied on two wheelers as a majority of working class people travel via motorbikes and other two wheelers. During this period of 15 days, Delhi witnessed a significant rise in the sale of motorbikes.

Many were seen enjoying their motorcycle rides, defeating the heavy traffic and congestion on the road, and reaching their destination way before than ever. Many of my friends and colleagues shared the same experience.

A large number of them were even posting on social media, that they prefer biking than driving a car with this new policy in place, as it is less stressful and less time consuming. I decided to test it out, and so planned a short trip to Delhi along with my friends.

To my surprise, we covered a 100 KM journey through Delhi, that otherwise would have taken me at least 3 to 4 hrs in my car with all that congestion and heavy traffic before, in less than 1.5 hrs this time. That to me was a great shock. Having lived in Delhi NCR for years now, I had never thought that this could even be possible.

Sadly, this odd-even policy of Delhi hasn’t done much in terms of pollution control so far, however, it definitely brought back the joy of motorbike riding, and proved once again that bikes are by far the best  means to travel.

The phase 1 of this policy is over and it is expected that the New Delhi government will soon launch the phase 2 around the month of April this year. That is a good news for us, the motorcycle enthusiasts living in Delhi NCR, for then we will be out again enjoying motor biking in Delhi like never before.

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