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The One Make Series Championships

Hey all! This article is for all motorbike riders, who are longing for a golden opportunity to ride their motorbikes on high profile race tracks to push their motorbike racing careers.

Today, we will talk about some interesting facts on One Make Racing Series, an initiative taken by some of the prominent motorbike industry players of India to help the upcoming Indian motorbike racers.

So, are you all excited to know more? Well, then get ready for an interesting ride to get a glimpse of the yearly One Make Series Championship for Indian motorbike riders.

The Contribution of FMSCI in National Motorcycle Racing - India


One Make Racing Series is organized for two form of riders:

  1. Novice: These are riders who have not won any championship and lie in the age group of 13-23 years.
  2. Open series: This is open to all the experienced riders above the age of 23 years or who have won one or more championships in the past.

The performing riders under One Make Series, become eligible for future championships such as National Motorcycle Racing Championship and many more.


There are only a number of motorbike manufacturers who have taken the initiative to promote and sponsor motorbike racing championships. Nonetheless, this has given a great boost to the future prospects of Indian Motorbike Racing Championships.

Currently, there are 4 motorbike manufacturers that organize One Make Racing Series which are both registered as well as licensed under FMSCI.

We have compiled a short introduction about each one of the four One Make Series for you below, have a look:

TVS – Started in 1987, TVS every year conducts racing in 5 rounds organized at the top-notch race tracks like Buddh International Circuit, Kari Motor Speedway, and Madras Motor Race Track. As stated above already, there are two categories under which the race is organized, the Novice and the Open.

TVS supports various aspects of racing like the design, collection of valuable data, creation, and development of quality motorbike models. Two of the 5 rounds in TVS One Make Series include customized TVS Apache RTR 180, the 4 Stroke motorbike.

The One Make Series Championships

Honda – Honda started its One Make Series recently, in 2008. It includes 5 rounds which are further divided into two classes Honda CBR 250R (Open) and Honda CBR 150R (Novice and Open). The championship venue is mostly the Buddh International Circuit and Madras Motor Race Track.

The One Make Series Championships

Yamaha – Promoted by MMSC, the Yamaha R15 Championship took place in 2008. Under Yamaha Championships, a series of races are organized and a racer selected on the basis of his performance participates in one of the coveted Yamaha ASEAN Cup Championships.

The One Make Series Championships

Suzuki – The latest is the Suzuki Gixxer Cup which is co-sponsored by Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship. It provides its 20 specially designed motorbikes for all 5 rounds of races. The championship takes place at the Kari Motor Speedway, and Madras Motor Race Track. For the final round, participants are taken to the Buddh International Circuit, the Mecca of motorsports in India. The race is conducted in two categories as the others – Open and Novice.

The One Make Series Championships


One Make Racing Championships hold a special position for all Novice motorbike riders, as it gives them the opportunity to showcase their talent to a larger audience of the Indian motorbike community. Additionally, it also helps the experienced riders who take part in the Open category to uplift their professional motorbike racing careers.

The most important requirement of being an International motorbike rider depends on how well you are prepared for the tracks, the experience you have gained and the different races you have been a part of. All this and much more directly affects your performance, presentation and your capability to be a part of a top-notch motorbike racing team.

In short, we would say, that if you also want to be one of the shining stars of the Indian motorbike racing community like our brand ambassador – Udipta Kumar Rath, then practice hard and learn to never give up, but become stronger with every failure that you face.

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