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The Skilled Stop: Introduction to Stoppies (Part I)

So finally, this marks an end to the journey for wheelies as we have taken a turn to explore another category of trick properly known as Stoppie. This in terms of learning as a trick is the second in line usually. Most riders have been observed to start learning to balance on the front wheel while they are just in the phase of beginner wheelies itself. In layman terms, stoppie is just a symmetrical opposite of a wheelie.  In the coming articles we will start to dismantle all about stoppies step by step. This article would particularly help with the basic definition and the types of stoppies that are usually there.

By definition, stoppie is a trick which by attribute can be recognized as a position where the rear wheel and the whole rear end is lifted up in the air with front wheel taking the load and acting as the point of balancing or as a fulcrum for the whole equation. Stoppies can either be dynamic or static in terms of momentum they have in respect to a motorcycle. What this essentially means is that there might be a few stoppies which you might see being done is a motion while some are performed point blank. This will be explained in much better detail soon.

Today we will glance over what the different type of stoppies are which are being practiced around the world elementarily. In total there are 12 types of stoppies. Unlike wheelies, stoppies aren’t usually performed in same two forms particularly but are observed to be practiced in other two distinctive forms: Point blank and Diffused. One must have never heard about these terms at all. It is surprising that even many professional riders actually don’t tread this deep in the terminology of such a beautiful motorsport.

Honestly, SFR riding is like any other sport. Take cricket for instance which is the most played sport in India. Almost every other child today plays this sport in every other lane in India but not all the children playing it know or follow the specifics of the game. Being the best batsman or bowler in our nearby street is not professional enough to just replace the likes of Virat Kohli or Jaspreet Bumrah respectively for an IPL or world cup series the very other day, right?

The situation is very much same in SFR too where you would see a ton of riders who just own bikes or even might be able to pop a wheelie but then that doesn’t classify them as a professional rider straightaway. That debate is for some other time but let’s resume to the two different basic forms in which stoppies are performed.

  • Point Blank: This form of a stoppie is performed at the last point of the run only. One can even clearly understand this by the characteristic of the front tyre. The bike’s rear is only in the air when the front wheel is not rotating at all. This kind of stoppie doesn’t give a lot of moving momentum in the riding direction hence the translatory balance is essential. Also, the air time of this stoppie form is lesser than the other form in almost all the cases.

Video 1

  • Diffused: This form of a stoppie needs a bit more practice than the point blank stoppie. One can understand the difference between this and the point blank stoppie if they carefully observe any stoppie which is being conducted in a motion where the front wheel is rolling continuously. What is specific about this form is that the posture is obtained in motion and the speed decreases gradually till the rear wheel drop. In a way diffusing from original speed of the run to slowly descending to a stop.

Video 2

All the animation videos prepared above are credited to Protosign Designs Private Limited who did an excellent job for us to help everyone understand this technical motorsport much easily.

How cleanly these stoppies are done shows how good a Sportbike Freestyle Rider is. If one is performing a diffused stoppie and is generating irregular jerks that would mean that the stoppie is not well controlled and is much more susceptible to a crash. A stoppie needs clean and confident conversion.

First, the 12 major types of stoppies in question are the following:

As can be seen above the difficulty levels of stoppies are of two sorts:

  • Beginner: These stoppies are the starter stoppies and mastering these helps in understanding the technique of braking, managing the inertia and the weight of the whole bike on the front wheel.
  • Professional: These stoppies are actually the ones that usually require a rider to step out of their comfort zone. The main difference can be observed that almost all these stoppies require the rider to get out of the traditional rider sitting setup. Hence needs one to adjust him/her self to a new orientation of the brake and throttle.

These tricks need a sound understanding about when to brake and how much to brake which if overdone can result into the rider falling flat to the face with the bike potentially tipping off onto the rider himself. A proper blend of technique and inertia if mastered has the potential to generate some very beautiful lines using different tricks.

The other end of this trick is the way the bike drops. It is not specific to drop the rear end of the bike in a same line. The drop point of the rear wheel is and can be anything as per each type every time.

A lot of mechanical aspects of the bike one rides also affect how smoothly a stoppie is being performed or even how long can it be conducted. In terms of the motorcycle as such, the suspension’s setting (perfect level of soft and hard), perfect alloy (no bends of any kind throughout the rim line) and the front brakes (brake pad condition and optimum brake fluid pressure development) are the basic checks that every bike should have. Also, it is wise to check for the front fork alignment as SFR tricks such as wheelies if done earlier can cause considerable amount of a beating to the front fork which might have ruined the alignment in some conditions. Do inspect the front fork oil (if your bike employs it) is necessary.

For newbies who enter this motorsport, stoppies is and potentially should be the step two in terms of trick learning as one does need some time with his/her motorcycle to understand how the weight of a bike feels like and how much effort does the rider need to regulate or control a motorcycle.

By this point one can be assured that he/she has relevant knowledge about stoppies to begin with. Though, knowing all this doesn’t mean that we forget the traditional rules of safety. Hence always remember that riding needs discipline, focus and a mature mindset. Influence of drugs, alcohol or tobacco of any sort is a straight no for one to be a Sportbike Freestyle rider in true sense. Also respecting road rules and keeping the activity off the public roads and limiting them in permitted spaces or in specifically controlled environments is mandatory. Rash behavior of any sort or any violence of traffic rules at any times is a discouragement by us. Ill practices and hooliganism is heavy condemned.

Do checkout and follow Protosign Designs for the amazing work they do on,



Meanwhile, staying home and staying safe is the essence of the day. Also, always wear appropriate safety gear when on bike. You will get your your chance to ride on!

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