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The Suzuki Gixxer Cup

Hey, all the motorbike enthusiasts, are you aware of the Suzuki Gixxer Cup, by Suzuki Motorcycle India?

Well, the 5th session of this event started on the 27th of July.

(FMSCI) The Federation of Motorsports Club of India and (FIM) The Federation Internationale Motocylisme are organizing the event in association with JK Tyre Motorsports.

Out of the four rounds of races, the first one will take place on the 27th-28th of July at Kari MotorSpeedway (Coimbatore).

The remaining three races will have the date-time schedule as follows:

2nd Race/Round

Aug 30-Sept 1 at Kari MotorSpeedway (Coimbatore).

Level- Both Red Bull Road to Rookies Cup Final and Suzuki Gixxer Cup.

3rd Race/Round

Sept 27- 29 at Kari MotorSpeedway (Coimbatore).

Level- Single, Suzuki Gixxer Cup.

4th Race/Round

Nov 8-Nov 10 at Buddh International Circuit, (Noida).

Level- Single, the Asia Cup, and Suzuki Gixxer Cup Final.

The racing event is divided under two levels;

First, where the riders of age 17 and above will fall under JK Tyre Suzuki Gixxer Cup 2019,

Second, those between the age group of 12 to 16 will come under Red Bull Road to Rookies Cup 2019.

Thus, the event will give a fair chance to all motorbike riders who want to take their racing carrier to the next level.

Now, before getting the license for the race from FMSCI all the 28 qualified riders (for the Gixxer Cup) and 5 riders (for the Rookies cup) will go through a basic training session at Coimbatore Speedway Circuit. It will cover all the prerequisite application process and help the rider attain a license for the drive. Besides, it will also include theory sessions and expert guidance for on track riding.

Note: FMSCI, i.e., Federation of Motor Sports Club of India is the only government recognized federation that is authorized to monitor motorsports in India. It promotes sports, maintains it, and standardizes the regulations for motorsports in India. Thus, riders need to follow the guidelines of FMSCI and undergo the training session to get the relevant driving license for the event and support from FMSCI.

These training sessions are of prime importance, as they give them hand-on training experience on the circuit to help them ride on the track with the right guidance.

This racing championship by Suzuki Motorcycles India will be an excellent opportunity for young motorbike racing talents to embark on a great journey. It will provide the right racing experience in the professional racing tracks of Coimbatore and Noida.

According to the Head of Suzuki Motorcycles India, Koichiro Hirao, the last four sessions of the Suzuki Gixxer Cup received tremendous support and response from the motorbike supporters all over the country. Hence, they are looking for affluent success this year too.

Further to meet the gaining popularity of motorsports among Indians, they launched Suzuki Gixxer SF, an edition of MotoGP last week to track the motor racing spirit.

In the event, the motorbike used is; Suzuki Gixxer SF, a 155 cc fully-faired motorbike. It provides maximum protection against wind and gives greater efficiency aerodynamically by reducing the drag and turbulence. It is an ultra-lightweight SEP technology equipped with high power delivery capability.

If you are also a die-hard fan of super motorbike events like the Gixxer Cup, then do no miss the rest of the motorbike racing rounds scheduled in the days to come. These are the most appreciated motorbike events by bike enthusiasts and rider all across the globe.

So, if you are a professional racer and want to make your mark at the national level sport, then this is your chance. Grab the opportunity to ride with young riders in the Suzuki Gixxer Cup this season.

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