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The Top 5 Most Powerful Scooters

Although motorcycle and car owners are more in India, the scooter is more in demand and why they should not? It is quite comfortable and convenient to ride a scooter.

India is one of the largest two-wheeler markets in terms of volume surpassing the most populous nation, China. Also, everyone finds it more comfortable to ride a scooter more than a motorcycle or bicycle in India.

The modern scooters are renowned among the middle sections of the society, especially girls and women, who love it the most. If you have a craze for scooters and are seeking a powerful one, then our top 5 choices might feel appealing to every two-wheeler community.

So, let us find out what are the most potent scooters, and why?

1) Aprilia SRV 850

No company has rolled out any scooter that can compete with Aprilia SRV 850. It boasts a pleasing design similar to RSV4 bike. It is almost equivalent to a motorbike.


  • It is the first two-cylinder scooter finished by the Aprilia.
  • It has an irresistible look, and a 90-degree V two-cylinder 839.3 cc engine is capable of attaining the highest possible power of 55.9 kW.
  • The scooter contains a CVT transmission system, and the braking system fitted at the front is operating with the Brembo double series double-piston floating calipers.
  • This is the fastest scooter in India and one of the most expensive in the world. The fuel economy of this vehicle is 21 km/l.

Price: ₹15.69 Lakh

2) Vespa VXL 150

Vespa has introduced the latest and upgraded BS6 VXL 150 version featuring an LED headlamp unit. It is best for short journeys or daily commuting.


  • The scooter is available in six different colors, but the red one outperforms with its elegance.
  • The fuel tank can store 6.5 L oil. The 150 cc single-cylinder engine model has an anti-brake locking system and automatic gearbox.
  • There is no competitor of Vespa in the Indian automobile market.
  • The steel monocoque chassis delivers it a robust design.
  • Apart from it, the scooter also sports the “Find Me” feature to locate it in a crowded parking lot.

Price: ₹1.21 lakhs – ₹1.26 lakhs

3) Aprilia SR 150 

Aprilia always increases the value of its products with beautiful finishing and unique features. Youngsters, you will get a shock after seeing the temperament that this scooter carries.


  • It gets the power from a SOHC 4-stroke air-cooled engine.
  • The design of this scooter is inspired by the RSV1000 R factory bike.
  • It delivers high performance with its powerful 154.8cc motor, which supplies the power of up to 10.06 HP and torque of 10.9Nm.
  • It is appropriate for rough and tough roads.
  • This scooter can absorb ups and down shocks smoothly, so you feel comfortable to ride.
  • With the fuel economy of 35 km/l, this is a cost-effective option for youngsters.

Price: ₹77,518 – ₹89,495

4) Honda Activa 6G

Honda has rolled out new Activa 6G with the latest Enhanced Smart Power Technology. In comparison to old models like 5G and 4G, Hero Maestro and TVS Jupiter are the closest competitors of Honda Activa 6G.


  • Although it has a 109.51 cc engine, this doesn’t affect the overall performance on the road.
  • Activa 6G is has a housing telescopic fork and a tail lamp with an additional touch.
  • Right now, you can select from the two variants of Activa 6G- STD and Deluxe.

Price: ₹66,087 for standard and ₹67,588 for deluxe

5) Suzuki Access 125

Indian riders can purchase Suzuki Access 125 from five variants. The costs of the variants are in the range of ₹58,249 – ₹70,809. It is the bestselling scooter of Suzuki till now.


  • The scooter has a 4-stroke one-cylinder air-cooled engine.
  • Both the rear and front tires are tubeless.
  • Also, it comes with the CVT transmission system and fuel injection technology.
  • This product of Suzuki has surpassed the TVS Jupiter in terms of sales.
  • You get eight color choices to select from, including Candy Sonoma Red, Pearl Suzuki Deep Blue, Glass Sparkle Black, Metallic Matte Fibroin Gray, Metallic Sonic Silver, and Pearl Mirage White.

Price: ₹58,939 – ₹78,287

So, guys, in short, the scooters we went through above are all rugged and perfect for riding on any road. The list of our five most powerful two-wheeler options, I am sure, is going to make you live your dream of owning a powerful scooter in 2020.

Thus, scroll down the Internet and look for more information to decide on your dream bike today.

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