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The Upcoming Motorbike Events

The most tasking, skill requesting and at the same time fun-filled thing for the entire motorbike community is participation in a motorbike event, isn’t it? These events are meant to give the best of riders a good run for their money while equally pushing their motorbikes to its optimum limit. India has many such events that are organized by private tourers from time to time.

The Upcoming Motorbike Events

So, have you been a part of any such event lately? What? Not yet?

Then you must read about some of the exciting upcoming events for the Indian motorbike community this year.

Raid De Himalaya

Raid De Himalaya is a racing event that would be led by a team of top-notch riders with experience in the field of racing. The racing team would include R. Nataraj, Harith Noah, Syed Asif Ali, Imran Pasha and Rajendra Re would be in charge of the male category while Aishwarya Pissay would lead the women category. So gird yourself with your motorbike accessories and prepare to ride.

Place: The event will be held in the resort town of Manali near Kullu Valley, India.

Date: 6th – 14th of October, 2018.

The Upcoming Motorbike Events

Sizzling Sikkim – When Two Passions Merge

The event commences at the general meeting point Siliguri – Ravangla via Namchi from where everybody would dispatch on the 6-7 hour 114km ride. Side scenes would include the coronation bridge, Teesta River and many more. The event is organized by Triplived who promises it to be action-packed.

Place: Siliguri, India.

Date: 28th September – 5th October­, 2018.

The Upcoming Motorbike Events

Ladakh Bike Trip (Srinagar – Leh – Hanle – Manali)

The trip features quite interesting activities including a visit to the adjoining side attractions such as lakes, waterfalls, streams and even a trekking experience apart from the motorbike ride. Registration for the event costs ₹26,250 for riders who own a motorbike, ₹52,360 if renting a Royal Enfield 500 and ₹77,690 if a rider and pillion are included.

Place: Appu Ghar – Gurugram, Gurgaon.

Date: 25th August – 4th September 2018.

The Upcoming Motorbike Events

Getting Lehed

Getting Lehed is a 1400 km long bike ride with a maximum of 20 participants from around the world. Registration is ongoing at ₹ 24,499 per person and an additional ₹ 10,000 to rent a Royal Enfield 350 for the ride. Accommodation and food are meant to be in tents with rooms on a sharing basis in the beautiful Ladakh mountains.

Place: Manali, India.

Date: 25th August – 2nd September 2018.

The Upcoming Motorbike Events

Sikkim Biking Expedition

The venue for this event is located in the north-east area of India. Being one of the smallest states, Sikkim has a serene environment with long off-road routes. The event features the riding of Royal Enfield motorbikes through its beautiful region. Registration fee is ₹34,000 per bike for double sharing and ₹37,500 for a solo ride. There is provision for accommodation and meals including utility support vehicles.

Place: Sikkim, India.

Date: 3rd – 11th November 2018.

The Upcoming Motorbike Events

Coastal Forts Historic Motorbiking

Organized by Captain Parbat, this motorbike event takes two-wheelers riding tourists through beautiful locations where nature can be viewed and enjoyed in form of water bodies. The cost of participating in the event is ₹4800 per person.

Place: Captain Parbat – Travel & Adventure Café, Baner, Opp Corporation Bank, Pune, India.

Date: 28th – 30th September 2018.

The Upcoming Motorbike Events

The Sikkim Motorbike Expedition

Another expedition to Sikkim this year is organized by Captain Parbat. The event plans an itinerary to cover the major streets of the states in 11 days starting at Siliguri – Darjeeling (72kms). The fee is ₹53,999 per rider and ₹43,999 per pillion rider.

Place: Captain Parbat – Travel & Adventure Café, Opp. Corporation Bank, Baner Road, Pune, India.

Date: 3rd -13th November 2018.

The Upcoming Motorbike Events

Trans Sahyadri Bike Expedition & Jeep Safari- Edition

Raw Adventure and Solutions have put together a bike expedition which would also include Jeep safaris through Sahyadri from Gujarat to Goa.

Place: Sahyadri, Sahyadri, Pune, India.

Date: 29th September – 6th October 2018.

India Bike Week - History

Ladakh Motorbike Expedition

Captain Parbat is once again in charge of this motorbike expedition whose adventure would start with a night bus ride from Delhi to Manali, followed by a day’s rest and sightseeing before gearing up and hitting the road on a motorbike.

Place: Captain Parbat – Travel & Adventure Café, Opp.Corporation Bank, Baner, Pune, India.

Date: 2nd – 11th September 2018.

The Upcoming Motorbike Events

Isn’t it amazing to be a part of these motorbike events? It ought to be a fun-filled expedition with so many fellow bikers right?

So, are you ready to be one of the expedition bikers? Then quickly enroll on one of these before you lose out on time!

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