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Tips to Care for Motorcycle Tyres

Did you know motorcycle tyres are important for maximizing fuel efficiency and minimizing maintenance costs? Yes, guys, there is no easier way to keep your bike in top shape without making sure that it’s tyres aren’t.

Tips to Care for Motorcycle Tyres

Why? Well, the answer is simple. Tyres are the only parts of the bike that make direct contact with the road. Hence, the tyre pressure has to be at the optimum level so that the motorbike can move smoothly without using too much fuel which is impossible if the tyres are in poor condition.

Tips to Care for Motorcycle Tyres

In short, taking care of your tyres will minimize your motorbike maintenance costs, maximize fuel efficiency and keep you stress-free while driving.

Now, let us understand this basic but important component of a motorbike. Well, the tyres are divided into different parts, let us know about each part in detail:

Tips to Care for Motorcycle Tyres

  • The most noticeable part of the tyre is the tyre tread. It is the ridges and grooves along the surface of the tyre. The tread is important because it is responsible for traction or friction on the road. The sidewall runs from the tread to the bead of the tyre. It has all the information from the manufacturer. Most importantly, it is responsible for lateral stability.
  • The area between the center and sidewall is called the shoulder. It is crucial for keeping the bike stable when leaned over.
  • The inner parts of the tyre consist of plies, belts, beads, and apex. Plies allow the tyres to be flexible but firm, and beads create an airtight seal between the tyre and the rim. Meanwhile, the apex plays a crucial role in tyre behavior and providing feedback to riders.

So, as you can see, each part of a tyre contributes to a stable, fuel-efficient and trouble-free riding experience. 


  1. Find the right tyres: There are tyres built for both racing and street riding. Do not buy racing tyres if you plan to drive down the street. Racing tyres are designed for high-speeds and tend to have low traction on the road.

Tips to Care for Motorcycle Tyres

  1. Check tyre pressure: Always keep an eye on your tyre pressure using a tyre gauge. Make sure the tyre pressure is within the rate recommended by manufacturers.
  2. Know the age of your tyres: Tyres don’t last forever and will have to be replaced every 5 to 7 years. The tyres manufacture date is in WWYY format.
  3. Observe tyre tread: Tyre tread is the biggest indicator of wear and tear. So, if the ridges and grooves are no longer noticeable they must be replaced.
  4. Replace front and end tyres simultaneously: When the rear tyre looks more worn out, the natural instinct is to replace that tyre only. However, that isn’t advisable as both the tyres have the same mileage and hence must be replaced simultaneously.Tips to Care for Motorcycle Tyres
  5. Damaged tyres: Tyres with damaged valves and cracked rims should be replaced immediately.
  6. Protect the valve core: You must make sure that dust does not get into the valve core. Use a dust cover over the core.
  7. Break-in new tyres: It takes new tyres a 100 miles to truly adjust to your bike and riding style. Therefore, avoid going at high speeds and taking rough turns for a while.Tips to Care for Motorcycle Tyres
  8. Equal tyre traction: Check the tyre traction between the front and rear tyres to confirm if they are even. Uneven traction leads to problems when riding.
  9. No foreign objects: Examine the tyres well so no sharp objects or stones are stuck between the ridges.
  10. Use new inner tubes: Always replace inner tubes also while replacing the tubes on your tyres.

While it is very important to keep the engine oil, it’s just as important to look after tyres as well. Sadly, too many bikers ignore tyres until they can be barely used. These riders find themselves dealing with several problems, which could be avoided with simple tyre maintenance. Tyre maintenance guarantees better use of fuel, and a safer, more pleasant driving experience.

Tips to Care for Motorcycle Tyres

Furthermore, maintaining tyres is a relatively simple process, you only have to keep tyres at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure levels. Remember, it is extremely important to look after tyres, along with the motorbike engine.

So, the next time you face trouble with your motorbike ensure that you pay heed to the condition of your motorbike tyre as well and replace immediately if needed.

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