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Tips to Choose the Best Motorbike

“Driving a motorcycle is like flying. All your senses are alive”, “That’s all the motorbike is, a system of concepts worked out in steel”, are some famous quotes that define the passion behind motorbikes.

With the ever-evolving motorbike industry today riders have ample options to explore from in the motorbike market. From cruisers to sports to choppers, the list is endless. You can have the cheapest motorbike for as low as INR 50,000 to the expensive ones ranging near INR 5,00,000 approx.

So, are you too willing to buy one, but are confused to make the right choice? If yes, then read our tips and suggestions for becoming a part of the Indian motorbike community.

Choose the right one

Motorbikes, besides being a two-wheeler are always considered to have a soul and hence choose a right make with which you can enjoy a safer and comfortable ride. If you wish to become a racer, you should concentrate on Motard and if you like adventure, ADV bikes are preferable.

Choose motorbikes based on your skills

Never ride a motorbike that goes beyond your ability and skill level as it can become too dangerous. If you are a newbie, then try a motorbike that is less sensitive and a lighter one.

Besides the two above, there are some other areas which need your attention such as:

  • Purpose – What is the purpose of purchase, such as daily work, long touring, support family traveling, passion, or just to reflect style.
  • Make a budget – The next most important point is your budget, which affects your decision. So, look for the best bike within the range of your budget.
  • Insurance cover – Make sure you go thoroughly over the motorbike insurance policies, terms and conditions well before purchasing. This way at the time of need you will get full support.
  • Performance – Performance matters a lot so you must narrow down your search by comparing some basic factors like performance, capacity, steering, maintenance, balancing, braking, weight etc.
  • Go through an overview of different types of motorbikes – Here are some suggestions and models that could be preferred by you based on your requirement.

Tips to Choose the Best Motorbike

Sports Bike: If you are a person who enjoys speed and performance, then you definitely are a sports bike rider. The ride is thrilling as well as challenging when it comes to race tracks. Sports bikes usually have a high-performance brake system that comprises the latest technology but is not for beginners.

Suzuki GSX-R, Ducati Panigale, and Aprilia are some of the best examples of sports motorbikes.

Tips to Choose the Best Motorbike

Dual Sport: BMW GS series, Suzuki V-storm and KTM adventure get into the category of dual sports motorbikes. They are also known as street bikes and dirt bikes that are capable of long-travel suspension needed in long rides. They are well equipped with two-wheeler spares including commuter and gear parts that will give you a comfortable travel.

Tips to Choose the Best Motorbike

Cruiser: If you find a motorbike with loads of chrome, low seats, and long wheelbase, then it is absolutely a cruiser. Cruisers are amazing touring motorbikes with windscreen, saddlebags and a laid-back attitude. Harley Davidson is the legendary brand that is expert in cruisers and the list consists of BMW and Moto Guzzi also.

Tips to Choose the Best Motorbike

Naked Motorbikes: Naked Bikes are street bikes with a fair appearance. They are still popular because of retro 70’s styling along with unfair handlebars and engine. “Streetfighter”, naked motorbikes work well for races and street games. Naked motorbikes are fun bikes which are more comfortable in riding with an upright seating option.

Tips to Choose the Best Motorbike

ADV bikes: As said in the beginning, ADV bikes (Aka Adventure Bikes) are developed exclusively for long-ride adventures that might be on or off-road rides. ADV’s are excellent sports bikes with immense weight and seating positions.

So, have you decided on your dream motorbike yet?  Come on, get your own motorbike and let your adventures get started.

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