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Tips to Maintain your Motorbike in Spring Season

Spring for motorbike community is one of the best times of the year as most riders wait eagerly to ride after winter. After all, it is time to take your motorcycle out after a windy and snowy winter.

However, before heading out, you need to do a lot of inspection since is vital to make sure that your two-wheeler is safe to ride.

So, here are a few simple tips to get your motorbike spring-ready so that your riding season doesn’t cut short.

Tires– The two chunks of rubbers called tires, keep you running on the road. Thus, checking the tires should be on your pre-checklist. It is essential to check that they are correctly inflated and are in good condition after winter.

The pressure in the tires most likely gets decreased; therefore, you need to bring it back accordingly. Roll the tires on the sand and sift through it. You should check for any cracks and rots. If you find any, replace them with new tires. It is an excellent time to replace them for your long riding series in spring.

Oil Up– It is better to start riding during spring with new oil in your motorbike. Even if you are not mechanically sound, an oil change is a great way to know about your vehicle.

Check the user manual before changing the oil in your vehicle. If you are still not sure of the steps, it is better to visit a mechanic.

Also, use a fuel stabilizer to keep your motorbike in a better condition.

Checking brakes– It is essential to check your brakes and brake lines before you start riding your bike after winter. Make sure that brakes are working perfectly fine to ride safely. You should review the brake pads as they, too, have break indicators. If the brake pads wear out, replace them.

Check your front and rear brakes separately to make sure they are working in order and free from scraping. If the brake bars feel spongy or mushy, get new ones immediately.

Battery– One of the most common issues faced by a motorbike rider is the condition of battery after winter. If a motorbike battery dies or drains completely, its life gets short.

In case your bike contains a voltmeter battery, charge it at 14 volts after turning off the motorbike engine. See, and if there is any corroding, clean it with the help of baking soda and water.

For a motorbike with a flooded battery, you must check its water level. Always use distilled water for your motorbike batteries as tap water contains chemicals and minerals, which can contaminate it.

Use a terminal protection spray to save your batteries from erosion. Also, if the battery is not charging correctly, change it immediately.

Lights and other electrical equipment– After you check the motorbike battery, also see if all the lights and gauges are working fine. Make sure that the headlight, tail-light, brake lights, and turn indicators are working. Replace them with original parts if required by visiting a mechanic.

Chain and sprocket– Motorbike chain often gets dirty and rusty. Inspect it and clean off the rust. Oiling the chain is crucial. After a brief ride, oil the chain as it gets warmed up.

You should also check the sprockets for any damage, and if the chain is too slack, tighten it right away.

Wash your bike– After the inspection is over, wash your motorbike and dry it thoroughly after you take it from the garage. Then, look closer again to see if any other parts needs replacement.

Take a small ride– It might have been a few months, you didn’t ride your bike due to extreme winter. So, start slowly and take a short trip to your neighborhood and check if everything is ok. If all the riding gears are working fine, then you are fit to enjoy riding in this excellent weather.

So, I hope that the few tips I shared with you today will make your two-wheeler ride smooth and safe during the beautiful springtime.

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