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Top 10 Budget-Friendly Two-Wheeler to Buy in 2018

With the advent of New Year, many companies have started to pitch their new and overhauled older successful versions of their motorbikes to lure the young and new buyers. Many of them have even shifted their focus to more powerful yet fuel efficient bikes. It is definitely a great news for the Indian motorbike community.

Well, lucky for us our motorbike riding experience is just going to get better, wouldn’t you agree?

The Indian motorbike market is full of corporations starting from indigenous home-grown production to foreign giants. The recent development in the Indian motorbike industry reflects the inclusion of new start-ups and upcoming companies that want to have their share of meat in this ever-growing market. As a result of such complex free market scenario, it can be both tempting and confusing for the new bike owners and buyers who want to get the best that comes in their budget.

So, here I am with my full guide on top 10 budget-friendly motorbikes around 1 lac and below that you should definitely look at before you make your final choice.

However, before I begin, it is important to understand the importance of this category and the overall nature of the bikes that we will be dealing with. These two-wheelers fall in the range of economy bikes which give good mileage and are purely powerful. You can say they are the hybrid of the two. It is because of this hybrid nature, that the Indian people love to own such bikes. Not only does it give the rider the feel of an actual adrenaline rush but it also does not burn a hole in your pocket.

With this tone, let us begin our journey of the top 10 budget two-wheelers:

Bajaj Dominar 200:

Heard of the Bajaj Dominar 400? Most probably, yes. Since the launch of Bajaj Dominar 400, Bajaj has seen a growth in its buyer base. Therefore, it is only natural for Bajaj to expand its territory under the same brand label. The Bajaj Dominar 200 is a leaned down version of the previous Dominar 400 which is already a great success.

This cool motorbike’s design is inspired by the Ducati Diavel. Powered by the KTM Duke 200/ RC 200 engine this bike is definitely eye-catching for the Indian buyers who want to enjoy a sporty looking bike with great power in hand. The engines are returned, thereby giving a better mileage than its counterpart pulsar 200 ns. However, the moderate fairing of Dominar 200 nullifies the gain in mileage when running on an open road.

Overall the bike is a sweet deal for people who are looking for low-budget, high power and both city and highway friendly bike.


  • 200cc Engine, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, SOHC, single cylinder
  • Max power – 21 PS, Max torque – 16 Nm
  • Brakes – Single 300mm disc with ABS/Single 230mm disc
  • Mileage – 36 kmpl (city), 40 kmpl (highway)
  • Top speed – 130 kmph

Price: The standard variant will cost around Rs 1 lac and the ABS will be around Rs 1.25 lac.

(Bajaj Dominar 200)

Hero Xtreme 200S

Continuing the legacy of Hero Xtreme, the Hero Xtreme 200S is surely going to appeal to the mass youth who want to get their hands on powerful bikes without compromising on the price. This new bike will be competing with TVS Apache RTR 200 4v and Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS FI.

The sporty and muscular look along with other advanced features like ABS is definitely going to give an edge to this bike.

Hero Xtreme 200S is equipped with the all-new 200 cc engine and produces a max power of around 18.6 PS at 8500 RPM and torque of about 17.2 Nm at 6000 RPM. The extended tail at the bike adds to its dimension. The front side will have front fork suspension while the back will be mono-suspension.


  • Engine: Single-cylinder, 200cc, air-cooled; 6-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Power: 18.6 PS at 8500 rpm and Torque: 17.2 Nm at 6000 RPM
  • ABS equipped
  • LED at the tail and LED pilot lamps

Price: Rs 95000-1,05,000 (Estimated)

(Hero Xtreme 200S)

Honda CB Hornet 160R with ABS

The new Honda CB Hornet 160R with ABS comes with a new makeover and is going to become a great hit just like its previous version, the standard Honda CB Hornet 160R. This bike from Honda made high sales in the year 2017 and the same is expected from this one too. This luxury motorbike comes with an attractive design that greatly helps to increase its rider base.

Let’s take a look at its technical features.

The bike is powered by the powerful 162.7 cc engine. The mono-suspension at the rear end gives it a complete sport ready feel. It has a 5-speed transmission gearbox. The hornet can achieve a top speed of about 110 kmph. On the design aspect, the front trapezoidal headlight and the rear X-shaped LED tail lamp just adds to the macho nature of the bike.

Now with the addition of ABS, the Hornet will become more road-friendly. The HET technology adds to the fuel economy of the bike thanks to the cutting edge research of Honda Co.


  • 7 cc air-cooled engine
  • ABS available
  • Mileage of around 50-55 kmpl
  • Max power of 15.06 bhp at 8500 RPM and Max torque of 14.76 NM at 6500 RPM

Price: Rs 83,000 – Rs 90,000

(Honda CB Hornet 160R)

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

This 2017 model by the TVS is an upgrade to the popular TVS Apache RTR 180R. The model has been in direct competition with Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS and it is likely to continue occupying a good share of the market. But with the advent of Hero Xtreme 200S, only time will say how this beast is going to fare.

For now, talking in terms of feature, the core concept of Apache line is maintained in this model but on the linear note, however, in addition, there are many new innovations. Overall, the bike has a streamlined and a beastly look.


  • 75 cc oil-cooled engine with max power of 20.7 bhp at 8500 RPM
  • Max torque of 18.1 Nm at 7000 RPM with the top speed of 127 kmph
  • ABS available

Price: Rs 93,000 – Rs 1,06,000 (Ex-Showroom)

(TVS Apache RTR 200 4V)

Bajaj Pulsar NS200

Continuing the legacy of Pulsar series, this bike has been ruling this segment from year after year. Thanks to its muscular power and howdy beast look, it still continues to compete even after years of release. The engine is similar to that of KTM 200, but instead, the power delivery is smooth and linear. The main aspect of the bike is its affordability and dashing look that is an important selling point for this model of Pulsar.


  • 95 cc oil-cooled engine gives an output of 23.17 bhp at 9300 RPM
  • Triple spark technology increases combustion efficiency
  • The average mileage of 35kmpl

Price: Rs 94,000 – 98,000 (Ex-showroom)

(Bajaj Pulsar NS200)

Bajaj Avenger Street 150

Who does not reckon with Bajaj Avenger? Needless to say, that after Royal Enfield, the next company in the line of cruiser motorbike production was Bajaj. With the launch of Bajaj Avenger Street 150, a new wave of cruiser bikes came on Indian street. While the look of the bike is completely cruiser, the bike feels a bit short on power. Nevertheless, the bike has a dashing matte look which just adds that extra appeal to buy it for your adventure trips.


  • 149 cc engine with max power of 14.3 bhp
  • A decent average of 45 kmpl in spite of wide rear tire and big engine
  • Superior design for the ultra-urban look

Price: Rs 73,000 (Ex-Showroom)

(Bajaj Avenger Street 150)

Suzuki Gixxer

This 150-cc premium bike is a leaned down version of its superbike version Suzuki GSX. This downgraded version is made specially to appeal to the Indian user. As evident from the sales, this bike is a great hit among the Indian motorbike riders. Starting from the technical aspect of its final design, the Suzuki Gixxer completely reflects aspects of the original superbike.


  • 155 cc engine with max power of 14 bhp
  • Mileage of around 54 kmpl thanks to Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP)
  • High raised tail and the half fairing that adds to the sporty look of a bike

Price: Around Rs 76,600 (Ex-Showroom)

(Suzuki Gixxer)

Yamaha FZ S 2.0

The version 2 of Yamaha FZ S has been ruling the hearts of Yamaha bike lovers. Not only that, in line with other 150 cc series bike launched by the Yamaha, the FZ-S by far has continued the legacy of leading the pack from Yamaha in the 150-cc category. Packed with a powerful engine, the bike promises a smooth and fuel friendly ride.


  • 149 cc engine with max power of 13 bhp
  • Mileage of around 49 kmpl
  • Front and rear disc brake and rear swingarm suspension

Price: Around Rs 84,000

(Yamaha FZ S 2.0)

Vespa Red

Many of you would remember the old LML Vespa that used to be in many Indian households decades ago. Well, thanks to the Vespa, the vintage scooter look become popular on the Indian street once again. The beauty of this scooter lies in the fact that they provide a beautiful vintage look combined with a pack of a powerful engine and smoother transmission system. More than that, this pretty looking two-wheeler comes with disc brake which is uncommon for a scooter to be equipped with.


  • 125-cc engine with max power of 9.9 bhp
  • A front disc brake of 200 mm size
  • Consists of electric sensors for full control over the scooter condition

Price: Rs 87,000 (ex-Showroom)

(Vespa Red)

Hero Electric Photon

Perhaps the only eco-friendly and the cheapest bike in our list of top motorbikes for 2018 list is Hero Electric Photon. This two-wheeler, more commonly known as “Scooty” will surely provide you peace of mind if you are thinking about switching to the electric motors.


  • Mileage of about 80 km per single charge
  • Front disc brake
  • Top speed of around 45 kmph, ideal for town commute

Price: Standard – Rs 45,000 and Li – Rs 83,000

(Hero Electric Photon)

Well, there will be many new and better motorbikes that will be launched for the budget-friendly Indian motorbike community in the coming years.

To be frank, only time will tell if these new two-wheelers will overtake the champions in the category or will the challengers have to wait a bit more time to earn a name for themselves? Until then, read and re-read the article before you buy your new motorbike in 2018.

We will be coming up with more such new motorbike reviews. So watch out this space!

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