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Top 10 Café Racer Bikes of 2019 – I

Moto GP enthusiasts know how much performance over comfort matters. There are various categories of motorbikes, but very few have a complete history and sub-culture associated with them. Café racers are one of a kind addition to the motorbike community.

The café racers are speed over comfort. They are visually notable because of their low mounted handlebar and visual minimalism with an elongated fuel tank. The motorbike accessories in a café racer maybe fuel tank indented knee grips. Many people also prefer to use side bags. The origin of café racers lay in 1960s England, among the youth subculture of rockers. Then the two-wheeler community of urban and suburban origin used motorbikes for short and quick trips between famous cafés. Later in that decade, the bikes came into the Grand Prix road racing scene.

Café racers are quirky and stylish, which pack a massive punch in speed. The bikes are often associated with rock music and road trip aesthetic which makes them even more attractive. Are you looking for a café racer? We have a list of the best café racers in the market for you right below:

  1. Kawasaki Ninja H2:-

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 is a class-apart motorbike developed by the Kawasaki Motorcycle & Engine Company. As they say, it is a “supercharged supersport” class motorcycle that can reach up to 400 km/h in the blink of an eye. The street-legal version of the bike has 200 horsepower. That can reach the top speed of 295 km/h in just a second. The engine is a 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine with a displacement of 998cc. The fuel injection system and digital ignition make this one a beast.


Engine Displacement: 998 cc;

Top Speed: 258 to 400 kmph;

Max Power: 197 Bhp @ 11000 rpm;

Kerb weight: 238 kg;

Price: Rs. 34,50,000;

  1. BMW S1000 RR:-

The BMW S1000RR was designed in 2009 to compete in the Superbike World Championship. Over the years the bike has gone through various modifications, but in 2019 it went through a complete remodeling. The four cylindered engines of the motorcycle come with a six-speed gearbox with a displacement of 999cc. The bike can reach a top speed of 260 km/h in just a second. The overall weight of the 2019 model comes down to 197 kg, which is a bit lighter from the Kawasaki Ninja H2.


Engine Displacement: 999 cc;

Top Speed: 299 kmph;

Max Power: 200.8 Bhp @ 13500 rpm;

Kerb weight: 197 kg;

Price: Rs. 18,50,000;

  1. Ducati Panigale V4:-

The Ducati Panigale V4 is a real sports bike. Ducati has built performance bikes over the years that range from cruisers, choppers to café racers and superbikes. This model got launched in 2018 as a successor to the V-twin engine 1299. The Panigale V4 has a four cylindered engine with a displacement of 1103cc which enables it to reach a top speed of 120 km/h in seconds. The motorcycle also has a liquid cooling system and electronic fuel injection.


Engine Displacement: 1103 cc;

Top speed: 120 kmph;

Max power: 214/221/211/226 Bhp;

Kerb weight: 195/172/198 kg;

Price: Rs. 20,53,000;

  1. Suzuki Hayabusa:-

In 1999 when Suzuki first launched Hayabusa, it immediately became the world’s fastest production motorcycle. Over the years Hayabusa has become a staple, sometimes a synonym for a superbike. The bike is very self-explanatory with just two generations developed from 1999 till now. Here are the features of the 2008 second generation of the motorcycle.


Engine Displacement: 1340 cc;

Top Speed: 312 kmph;

Max power: 197 Bhp @ 9500 rpm;

Kerb weight: 268 kg;

Price: Rs. 13,84,000;

  1. Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin:-

The Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin draws its inspiration from the café cultures of the 1950s and 60s, just like its predecessor the Continental GT 250. You will find all the hallmarks of a traditional café racer in the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin. Starting from its weight-forward stance and rear-seat footsteps to its sculpted tank and clip-on bars and most importantly, its eager attitude – every factor is alluring.


Engine Displacement: 648 cc parallel-twin;

Top speed: 241.4 kmph;

Max power: 47 Bhp @ 7250rpm;

Kerb weight: 198 kg;

Price: Rs. 2,72,000;

So, this is it for the part I. These awesome café racer bikes are sure to captivate you. We will be back with more on the list so till then hold your horses and drive safe.

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