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Top 10 Electric Two-Wheeler Startups in India

The rise of the electric two-wheeler startup in India has given a boost to the automobile industry. Startups are shifting to the electric two-wheeler manufacturing considering its potential to grow in the future. It is a lucrative industry and gradually spreading into some cities of India, especially Bangalore.

The Indian government has adopted a policy to promote the manufacturing of electric motorbike and other EVs. No doubt, it has a bright future due to an environment-friendly product. Besides, no two-wheeler insurance is required to drive EV. Also, e-motorbike accessories are affordable and easy to maintain.

The Ministry of Health and Public Enterprises launched the incentive scheme ‘FEMA’ in 2015 under the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020. It promotes the development of electric and hybrid vehicles. Apart from that, the government will deduct some amount on the interest paid on electric two-wheeler loans for the purchase.

In recent years, the number of two-wheelers startups has increased rapidly following the government schemes, and the two-wheeler community also realizes their importance.

So, without much wait, let us move on to explore the e-bike startups that created a storm in the two-wheeler industry.

1) Ather Energy

Ather Energy is leading from the front in the electric two-wheeler manufacturing. Two IIT graduates-Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain founded this company in 2013. It is a Bengaluru based electric vehicle startup. Founders of Flipkart invested a seed capital of $1 million in December 2014. Its range of products includes Ather 450, Ather Grid, Ather Space, and its latest model, Ather 450X is revolutionizing the two-wheeler industry.

2) Ampere

When the electric vehicle industry was at its initial stage, Hemalatha Annamalai came with her first electric vehicle startup in 2007. Ampere Electric is the initiative she took to create vehicles for differently-abled people. The product offered by the Ampere Electric includes electric cycles, scooters, and trolleys. The legend Ratan Tata has also invested in this startup. It has 350+ service centers across India. V48 and Magnus are an exceptionally astonishing product of the startup.

3) TORK Motors

Tork Motors, headquartered in Pune, is a renowned EV company dedicated to building innovative electric motorbike. After winning for his college project in 2009, Kapil Shelke founded Tork Motors in September 2016. People are still waiting for its first TX6 electric motorbike, which may hit the market this year.

4) Yulu

Yulu is a bike-sharing platform operating its services in Bengaluru and few other cities. It aims at providing a micro-mobility solution to the Indian urban society. It is making short-distance commuting easier and efficient. This startup is building a sustainable ecosystem, along with reducing air pollution. Currently, Yulu is working in Pune, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, New Delhi, and a few others. Yulu Miracle is a lightweight and dock-less electric scooter offered by this startup.

5) Emflux Motors

Emflux Motors exists to show the power of EV to the world. It started to deliver product from 2016. Its dream is to empowering around 10 million electric two-wheelers in India by 2027. It sells electronic motorbike accessories too.

6) Menza Motors

The ramp-up in the EV industry has attracted even Gujarat. Menza Motors is going to disrupt the EV industry with its Lucat model. Its unique design and technical specifications are amazing. If it fits in your budget, then buy it at Rs. 2, 79, 999.

7) Okinawa Scooters

We can’t miss this EV startup that launched its lite two-wheeler scooter at Rs 59,990. The company has earned a revenue of 200 in the fiscal year 2018-19. ARAI has provided a certificate to the company for building FAME-II standard products.

8) Avera

Avera is currently operating only in the Andhra Pradesh. Its primary offerings are electric bikes and scooters. It is tackling the air pollution with the only product Avera Retrosa available at Rs 1.08 lakh.

9) Go GreenBov

Go GreenBov serving the customers from 2011 but acquired by GO GreenEOT now with its main office in Bengaluru. It has brought an appealing electric scooter named Sunoti.

Sunoti sports ample luggage space and foldable sear. It gives a comfortable riding experience for you. It is the perfect combination of innovation and eco-friendly commuting solution. The company has focused on reducing everyday pollution.

10) Pure-EV

Who knew that the two friends pursuing graduation at IIT Bombay would form Pure-EV one day? It is blooming right now under the leadership of Dr. Nishanth Dongari who introduced EPluto 7G to provide the best possible seamless and comfortable ride. It features regenerative braking, patented battery technology, 12-degree grade-ability, and much more.

So, go for one of these top 10 electric two-wheeler startups in India. After all, the burden of pollution is increasingly becoming unbearable now, so it is a must switch to electric vehicles.

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