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Top 10 Safest Motorbikes in India – PartI

Thinking of your pre-COVID days for a memorable trip to Coorg? Well, all of us in the motorbike community are missing our old days of long rides on motorbikes.

Yes, a motorbike ride makes every trip an enjoyable and amazing one with no doubt.

Now, various motorbike brands are rocking the Indian roads like Royal Enfield, and Honda is known for its style and specialties. However, besides popularity, the rider’s safety is what you need to ensure and, there comes the importance of ABS and other technologies.

So, let us look at our list of the top 10 motorbikes that can make your every ride safe and be easy on your pocket.

TVS Radeon

Although Radeon from TVS looks traditional, it has customized ET Fi Ecothrust technology that fulfills the BS6 emission terms. With two variants called commuter bike of the year and base edition, Radeon made itself the best choice economically.

The color choices for the commuter- chrome black, chrome brown, while for base edition- pearl white, metal black, golden beige, royal purple, volcano red, and titanium grey.

The variants will cost around Rs. 59, 742, Rs. 62, 742 (drum), and Rs. 65, 742 (disc). The BS6 version of Radeon gets a refreshed premium graphics, unique impact resistant (UIR) design, and a car-like speedometer. Synchronized Braking Technology (SBT) and high-performance Dura grip tires are the factors that make TVS Radeon a safer motorbike.

TVS Apache RTR 160

One of the excellent members of the TVS family is Apache, and Apache RTR 160 marks the best sports bike on the race track since a square engine with RT-FI technology powers it. Glide through technology, synchronized stiff chassis, adjustable split clip-on handlebars, beast-inspired headlamps, race-inspired digital display, LED tail lamps, intelligent aerodynamics, and muscled engine cowl marks the best features of Apache RTR 160.

Single-channel Super-Moto ABS keeps the total braking under the control of racer, ensuring safe cross of the corner on razor-sharp. Roto petal brakes offering substantial heat dissipation in heavy braking is a great add-on.

Pearl white, matte blue, gloss red, gloss black, t-grey, and matte red is the color choices of RTR 160 with a price tag of Rs. 93, 539.

Bajaj Pulsar 150

With its origin over the years and years in the motorbike community, Bajaj is famous as “The World’s Favorite Indian.” With Pulsar being the mainstay of the Bajaj stable, there are more than 1 Crore Pulsarmaniacs globally. Maybe the patented technologies like DTS-i is what makes it the “King of the road.”

With smooth suspension, upright seating, aggressive laser edged graphics, and wolf eyed headlamp, this naked streetfighter is a classic one for comfort and safe riding.

You also get ultra-safe-braking with its exceptional ABS enhancement, and 260 mm ventilated front disc brake.

With two color variants of Iconic Classic black and Red, Pulsar 150 comes at a range of Rs. 96, 960.

Hero XPulse

Recognized as the “Indian Motorcycle of the year,” XPulse 200 from Hero MotoCorp is our next safest choice of the motorbike on Indian roads. Equipped with all-new XSENS Oil-cooled 200cc engines, full LED headlamp, Turn-by-turn navigation, and dual-purpose tires, XPulse 200 come up in a BS6 version. Being light-weight produce from Hero, XPulse is well suited for on/off roads and rough trails.

This all-terrain motorcycle is with large-discs ABS providing absolute control over the braking system.

Priced over Rs. 98,000, XPulse 200 has 5 color choices: white, matte green, matte grey, sports red, and panther black.

Yamaha FZ FI 3.0

Last but not least, comes our favorite FZ FI 3.0 from the house of Yamaha. Known as the “Lord of the streets,” 3.0 version of FZ is now with single-channel ABS that redefines riding. With pricing over Rs. 99, 700, this 149cc is of a Blue core concept making its way as the first Motorbike with BS6 version from Yamaha family.

With its availability in two color options- Darknight metallic black, and Racing Blue, this motorbike marks the best one for both racings, and daily rides. Negative LCD instrument cluster, comfortable two-level seat, LED Headlight, Monocross suspension, and advanced muffler cover are the characteristics of FZ FI 3.0.

So, guys, this marks the end of the roll today. But, stay tuned for the remaining line of the safest motorbikes in our next edition, we promise to be back shortly.

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