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Top 10 Ways to Prevent Two-Wheeler Theft

Welcome back guys to yet another edition of two-wheeler safety. Today, we shall share some tips which can help you keep your two-wheeler safe.

Well, recently my good friend Yogesh lost his brand new motorbike while it was parked in a public place. He lodged an FIR immediately and the police hopes to nab the thief soon. However, the hassle of following up and being in the position of losing something so important is not where any of us would want to be.

So, how to avoid being a victim of motorcycle theft?

Believe me, there are a million different ways to bring down the chances of your bike being stolen. We have hand-picked the top 10 anti-theft tips which will keep even a professional thief miles away from your beloved ride.

1. Disguise your motorbike

It is better if your bike isn’t seen much. A criminal will stay away from an unknown prey, as he wouldn’t know how to break and steal it. You can also confuse the robber by covering your motorbike with a different brand cover, for example you can cover your Harley Davidson with a BMW cover.

2. Steering lock

Steering lock will act as the first line of safety towards a possible robbery. Try to keep your steering and ignition lock separate to make it difficult for the thief to escape with your two-wheeler.

3. Lock well

Never keep the lock too low on a motorbike. It is easy to break a lock that is attached to the ground. So, attach the lock to the frame, wheels or forks preferably.

5. Opt for double safety

Go for double locks or a pack if you have a huge bulky motorbike. Thieves would generally refrain from spending too much time unlocking and go for some other easy target.

6. Don’t be a miser

Never be a miser while looking to enhance your motorbike security. Choose the best quality chains, locks made of steel, remember there is more to lose.

7. Be smart

Play smart and switch off the main fuse of your motorbike if away for a long time. Thieves will have a hard time to steal and get away with the bike.

8. Light on

You can pick up stickers which say “Alarm Installed” and paste them on your motorbike. They are quite useful while parking motorbikes in unknown areas. Always choose a bright-lit spot and if you don’t have anything strong to lock your bike to, go for a bike that belongs to your friend or colleague. It will help keep both the vehicles safe while you are away.

9. Shout/Scream/Break

Raising immediate alarms is a great way to attract bystanders and scare off the thief. If that doesn’t work, you can try making noise by breaking a glass window or a glass bottle to make everyone notice that something is happening.

10. Keep a Close Watch

Proficient muggers easily locate the motorbikes they need to pick up by following the rider day in and day out. After careful observation they go back and get the stuff needed to steal your bike. So, while riding, make sure to keep an eye on the rear mirrors of your motorbike and watch if anyone is following you. If you notice that someone has been tailing you for long, try and dodge them, take a different route or stop your bike, take a U-turn or let them go. Do not take the regular path to your home, school or company unless and until you are sure that no one is behind you.

12. Remove the basics

Make sure to remove the disc, cable or U-lock before riding your bike and keep them secure in your bag.

As per the latest research, a wide range of two-wheeler get stolen from a wide range of spots. Thieves lay their hands on prominent motorbikes, particularly those that have expensive parts. Most of the time crowded places like shows, races, shopping area etc are the main targets.

Be it urban or rural areas, the reality is that there are increasing number of complaints related to two-wheeler stealing.

So, make sure that you use the tips mentioned in the article above and save your two-wheeler from ever being stolen.

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