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Top 5 Best and the Cheapest Electric Two-Wheelers in India

Hey guys, how about riding an eco-friendly two-wheeler with high-tech features and stylish looks, an all-in-one package which is also light on your pocket? Yes, you heard it right, today we will bring you the cheapest yet the best e-scooter collection.

Eager to know more? So, without delaying any further, quickly tighten your seat-belt and take a quick ride to the top 5 cheapest electric two-wheelers in India:

  1. Ampere V48

Top 5 Cheapest Electric Two-Wheelers in India

It is a battery-based e-scooter that has reached the heart of the Indian two-wheeler community due to its attractive design, color, and off-course comparatively cheaper pricing than others in its league.

Price: INR 20,400

Specifications – Ampere V48:

  • Two-person seating capacity;
  • Has lead-acid based sealed 48 V 20Ah battery that needs about 6 to 8 hours of charging time;
  • Comes in various combinations of Blue-White as well Red-White colors;
  • It is lightweight around, 80 kg and gives a speed of up to 25 kmph.

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  1. e-Star from Lectrix 

Top 5 Cheapest Electric Two-Wheelers in India

Lectrix Motors Pvt. Ltd. came with a vision to provide its customers the best products at a reasonably competitive price. Thus, its e-scooter series called e- Star is considered the most economical which also holds enough space to carry large luggage easily without any issue. Additionally, it also has a mobile charging socket.

Price: INR 29,000

Specifications – e Star:

  • It weighs about 88.1 kg and comes in charming red, black and white color variants;
  • Lectrix e-Star is capable of carrying a total weight of around 60 to 100 kg;
  • It has hand operated brakes with 48 V voltage power;
  • The alloy wheels with a hydraulic damper support a powerful control system.

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  1. Hero Electric- Flash

Top 5 Cheapest Electric Two-Wheelers in India

Hero Electric, the electric arm of Hero Group, with its eco-friendly base and high-quality two-wheeler productivity recently added 1 lakh happy customers in its kitty. The affordable low-cost e-scooter model Flash from Hero Electric supports lithium-ion designed city electronic two-wheelers which is also easy to access and handle while on the road.

Price: INR 30,490 (ex-showroom, Delhi)

Specifications – Flash:

  • It is provided with a quick charge mode of 30 min which will last up to 10 km and takes about just 4 hours for a full charge;
  • Has a portable 5-year long battery life with 3 years warranty. The scooter has high mounted indicators with sporty looking alloy wheels;
  • What’s more? Well, it has a foldable rear seat, USB charger and also a speed booster which can help you increase your e-scooter speed by 5 kmph.

Isn’t all that just too exciting from the house of the no.1 two-wheeler manufacturer in India?

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  1. YObykes – Yo Electron

Top 5 Cheapest Electric Two-Wheelers in India

Say no to petrol and get your dream scooter with YObykes. Electrotherm (I) Ltd (ET), the parent company in 2006 was the first in India to introduce the idea of electric two-wheelers under YObykes. Years passed and YObykes is now recognized as India’s largest seller of electric two-wheelers. Additionally, it has also tied up with the Govt. of India to offer subsidized plans.

Price: INR 31,367

Specifications – Yo Electron:

  • The Yo Electron model from YObykes has a body weight of 84 kg;
  • For a full charge you would need to charge it for 6-8 hours;
  • It has 250-watt power out and provides a maximum speed of 25 km/h;
  • It comes in a variety of colors: blue, red, white and black.

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  1. Okinawa- Ridge

Top 5 Cheapest Electric Two-Wheelers in India

Okinawa scooters from Okinawa Autotech Pvt Ltd. is an Indian venture that primarily focusses on creating low-cost quality two-wheelers. You will be surprised to know that the Praise model from Okinawa has been successfully taken to long rides to Leh-Ladakh as well.

So, who says electric scooters are not meant to cover long distances?

Price: INR 43,702

Specifications – Ridge:

  • Creates a powerful base with 800-watt power;
  • It can cover up to 80-90 km range and is capable of attaining 55km/h of speed;
  • It is a high-end electric scooter with spark technology and can handle a load of 150kg;
  • Also has an inbuilt electronic braking system apart from the central lock/Anti-theft alarm facility.

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Buying an eco-friendly two-wheeler equipped with all the modern features at cheaper prices is not a dream anymore with so many companies following suit to create more and more zero-fuel two-wheelers. This article today was focussed to help you get an idea on the cheapest electric two-wheelers in India that are gaining popularity each day. The scooters listed above are all designed to cater to the needs of common people, so don’t wait, opt for one of these beautiful looking two-wheelers and help curb the menace of environmental pollution.

Remember each one of us needs to make a difference for a better tomorrow for our loved ones!

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