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Top 7 Electric Two-Wheelers of 2020 – India

The world is a place where human expertise has imparted newer innovations. Every day of the rising sun makes the day remarkable with technological advancements for a spectacular and comfortable life. From new-age home appliances to commuter gadgets, everything got updated, including the two-wheeler industry adapting to electric hyper-speed.

Want to know how? Well, most motorbike communities have put forward the idea and concept of developing compatible electric motorcycles to meet the customer’s needs and make their brand No.1 in the market.

Here is the list of our top 7 dashing electric two-wheelers that zooms the Indian roads.

Atum 1.0

I think the all-new Atum version 1.0 will enchant your eyes, like mine, with its mind-blowing beauty. It is from the house of Atumobile crafted as a short-distance vehicle but fit for the long run.

Energized by a lithium-ion battery of 2 years warranty and 5+ life years, Atum 1.0 takes 3-4 hours for charging to cover a range of 100 km. Never judge Atum by its appearance as it comes with a top speed of 25 km/h, 48 V motor power, LED headlights & taillight, and 750 mm seat height.

Price: INR 50, 000

Joy E-Bike Monster

Interestingly, Joy E-Bike Monster looks the same way as it sounds with the classic iconic sleek and stylish design made in such a way to fulfill the prey of a hunger racer or a rider.

Packed with comfortability, this electric motorcycle from Joy E-Bike comes up with an eco-friendly lithium-ion battery of 72 V/23 Ah, hall sensors, 250 W brushless hub motor, hydraulic suspension mechanism, and finally, economical.

Price: INR 98, 999

Renault RV 300

Revolt 300 created a revolution in the role of electric motorcycles with two color options- Neon Black and Smokey Grey.

Revolt 300 facilitates three riding modes- Eco (25 km/l), Normal (45 km/l), and Sports (65 km/l). Crafted so that the rider gets priority to comfort, Revolt 300 is a motorbike for the years to come and keeps safety first. 60 V lithium-ion battery, LED headlamps, and the hub motor is the add-ons listed about Revolt 300.

Price: INR 1, 10, 963

Revolt RV 400

Have you ever heard of an e-motorcycle with an innovation of four sounds? Yes, Revolt 400 is the first in the class that has brought four sound options- Revolt, Rebel, Roar, and Rage that you can control with the MyRevolt app.

The ergonomic comfort strategy and scripted aesthetic design assist the rider in sliding over every nook and corner with a delusion of 360 degrees.

Price: INR 1, 29, 463

Ultraviolette F77

Designed especially for an electric future, Ultraviolette F77 comes equipped with intelligent interfacing, remote diagnosis, OTA upgrades, ride analysis, performance customization, and preventive maintenance.

With three color shades- Airstrike, Shadow, and Laser, F77 comes up with a 3*modular Lithium-ion battery pack with the 10th Generation Adaptive SoC- Estimation, and MIL-STD rugged battery modules.

Price: INR 3, 00, 000

Okinawa IPraise

If you are an electric scooter fan or inspirer, Okinawa IPraise packed with intelligent technology, and stylish design will suit your daily companion.

IPraise equipped with a 3.3 kWh detachable lithium-ion battery, BLDC motor, FR-disc system, Hydraulic suspension, and, more importantly, E-ABS with regenerative energy is an excellent choice. Stylish headlamp, aerodynamic design, and large foot space are the additional features of IPraise.

Price: INR 1, 08, 000

Ather 450

Ather 450 marks the final entry but the latest edition ranked the top best electric motorcycle in the scooter industry.

It isn’t built but instead designed to provide an exhilarating ride that offers a top-speed of 80 km/l covering a range of 55-75 km. Get ready to experience the power-packed ride with 2.4 kWh lithium-ion battery, water & dust resistant, mono-shock suspension, and still a lot more for Ather 450!

Price: INR 1, 13, 715

The above discussed electric two-wheeler considerably impacted the Indian motorbike industry to date. While today’s article comes to an end, the list of e-bikes goes on with Evolet Hawk, Kabira KM-3000, Hero Electric AE-3, and Tork T6X that are getting ready to uplift the riding experience and make the motorbike industry excel!

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