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Top 7 Winter Riding Tips for Bikers

Hi folks! How is your riding and racing adventure going on this winter? I hope that you are enjoying a lot.

Well, the season of motorbike racing, rally, adventurous rides has some challenges especially during the winter season. Riding in winter among breathtaking landscape is a beautiful feeling however, it is risky as well from safety point of view.

So, let’s take a look at some of the tips that would help you to ride your motorbike smoothly during this winter.

Tip 1: Make use of proper motorbike gears

The first and foremost factor to consider before going out on your motorbike in winter is your exposure to chillness as it leads to slow reaction time, drowsiness, and shuddering.

Hence wear layered clothes that will keep you warm during the entire ride.

In other words, in a freezing climate, you should wear appropriate riding gears. Prefer lighter material clothes and jackets that will support your movements as well.

To facilitate riders in this, Harley Davidson has introduced heated jacket liners and heated gloves.

Additionally, woolen scarf, woolen socks, and full-face helmets are required. They help in keeping you warm and in protecting you in case of any incident.

Tip 2: It is better to go slow

Riding at high speed is really fun but not in winters. You have to follow a smooth way of riding as the road conditions are not the same.

Handle the controls smoothly and always stick to the straight path.

Also, be careful before applying brakes, changing gears, and accelerating.

Tip 3: Keep your motorbike prepared

Before riding, ensure that your motorbike is well prepared.

  • Make use of V-Strom and VFR, sport heated grips that facilitate safe riding.
  • Check whether the anti-freeze is fresh, if the motorbike starts being water-cooled and adjust the suspension based on it.
  • Apply grease to joints in your motorbike, check the oil and lube.

Tip 4: Maintain your motorbike in good condition

In winter, it is common for roads to be a little slippery and mud-spattered.

So, after every ride, wash your motorbike to keep it in a good condition. Use cold water to clean away the dirt and mud from tyres. Maintain the visor and use anti-corrosion spray or lubricant to make your cleaning work easier.

Tip 5: Look out for road conditions

Beware of fresh cracks, salt, potholes, black ice, and gravel in the road. They might not be visible sometimes so drive slow and signal the fellow riders too.

Ensure that your hand-guards and the windscreen is clean for clear vision and check your motorbike tyre pressure and lights in advance.

Tip 6: Eat well and keep yourself hydrated

Although you may not feel thirsty in winters, but, you should still hydrate yourself by taking some liquid drinks excluding alcohol and coffee as they reduce your body heat.

Prefer food that will provide more nutrition and energy.

Tip 7: Hang up if it snows too much

When snowfall is high or if it rains continuously, without thinking twice, back up and get ready to get back home. Keep yourself updated with weather forecasts and never take risk.

Well, it isn’t mandatory to keep your motorbike aside until the spring arrives. Riding in chilly air, snow, and ice is also wonderful. However, you must be extra careful while riding through slippery and snowy roads.

So, use the tips mentioned in the article above and also share them with your fellow riders and friends.

If riding is your passion, do not let the weather deter you, let your expeditions continue!

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