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Top Ten Mileage Friendly Motorbikes – II

The first thing we look for in a motorbike is mileage while buying it in the Indian market. A large number of motorcycles with different models are available for us, but not all the bikes are mileage-friendly.

In the last chapter, we discussed five mileage friendly bikes of 2019, So here we are back with second chapter of mileage-friendly motorcycles in 2019.

  1. Honda Dream Yuga: A simple, stylish bike that is better in fuel consumption than its opponents.

  • It has a HET technology for its 109.2cc engine.
  • It has a single-cylinder with an air-cooling system.
  • The bike offers 4-stroke with a mileage of 74 km/l.
  • The power produced is 8.31 bhp and torque of 9.09 Nm.
  • The fuel tank capacity is 8 liter with self and kick-start.
  • The sound quality is good, and graphics embedded in the body parts.
  • The weight of the motorbike is 107 kg with alloy wheels and tubeless tires in it.
  • It has a 4-speed gearbox.
  • The speedometer is analog.
  • Dream Yuga is available in five shades and Rs. 52,299 (ex-showroom) price.
  1. Hero HF Deluxe: The 3rd most inexpensive bike model is HF Deluxe.

In 2010 Hero withdrew its connection with Honda Motor Corp then CD Deluxe was rebranded as HF Deluxe. Although it is reasonably priced, yet the two-wheeler offers the option of pressing a small button on the handle.

  • All Hero models have i3s technology.
  • The engine is 97.2cc with one cylinder and an air-cooled system.
  • It gives a mileage of 88.5 km/l with a 4-stroke feature.
  • The power generated 8.24 bhp and torque of 8.05 Nm.
  • The tank is 10 liters with both self and kick-start mechanisms.
  • The weight of the bike is 110 Kg.
  • Deluxe has a 4-speed gearbox with alloy wheels and tubeless tires.
  • The speedometer is analog.
  • It has five color options and a price tag of Rs47,117 (ex-showroom).
  1. Yamaha Saluto: The splendid BCT in “Saluto” offers you an outstanding vibration-free pick-up and excellent range.

  • The Blue Core technology makes this motorbike special.
  • With an engine of 125cc, Saluto has one cylinder with the air-cooling system.
  • It gives a mileage of 78 km/l with a four-stroke option.
  • The max power induced is 8.2 bhp and torque of 10.1 Nm.
  • The bike has a petrol capacity of 7.6 l with a self/kick-start option.
  • The sound quality is excellent, and it weighs 112 kg.
  • It is the best fuel saving bike from Yamaha and has a 4-speed gearbox with alloy wheels and tubeless tires.
  • The speedometer is analog.
  • It comes in 6 colors and a price of Rs. 59,880 (ex-showroom).
  1. Hero Splendor Plus: The Splendor is one of the most used motorbikes in semi-urban and rural areas of India. Initially launched in 1994, it got re-packaged with many updates on its body and styling as Splendor +.

  • As the Splendor Plus belongs to Hero, it has same i3s technology.
  • The engine is 97.2 cc with one cylinder and an air-cooled system.
  • The fuel efficiency is 70 km/l with a 4-stroke cycle-engine.
  • The tank capacity is 10.5 L with a maximum power of 8.24 bhp.
  • With a better sound quality and kick start machinery, it features as a best-selling motorcycle in India.
  • It weighs 109 kg with four-speed gearbox and alloy wheels with tubed tires.
  • The analog speedometer is a part of the instrument panel.
  • There is, however, no trip meter added to the bike.
  • It comes in 6 variants and a starting price of Rs 50,860.
  1. Hero Super Splendor: The bike is another sibling of the Splendor family, launched in the year 2005.

  • The engine is single-cylinder, air-cooled, 124.7 cc.
  • The mileage offered is 60 km/l with a four-stroke feature.
  • The power induced is 9 bhp and torque of 10.35 Nm.
  • The bike is light-weight with a 13 liter fuel tank.
  • Quality of sound is good with both self and kick start options.
  • It weighs 121 Kg and has four different ranges of speed monitored by an analog speedometer.
  • The alloy wheels have tubed tires.
  • Super Splendor comes in five colors, and its ex-showroom price is  57,200.

So, which of these mileage-friendly motorbikes are you fond of? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on the two-wheeler industry.

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